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The Wild Truth is a book written by Carine McCandless who is the sister to Chris McCandless from the famous book Into the Wild.

Carine wrote the book to explain what happened to her and her siblings during the time they lived with their parents Billie and Walt McCandless. When the Into the Wild book and movie were made, she made sure that Jon Krakauer and Sean Penn did not include the violence that occurred to protect her parents. Now she has released a tell all book.

The Wild Truth book was launched in November 2014.

Carine writes on her website about the book:

We had grown up in the same troubled household, sharing the secret reality that was our dysfunctional and violent family dynamic. I knew why Chris had embraced the harsh wilderness of Alaska, and why he had done it alone. I’d learned from my own private journey into a life without my brother and best friend, that the greatest inspiration comes only from that which Chris valued above all else – what he referred to often in the margins of his beloved books and in the letters he wrote to me before embarking on his great adventures: TRUTH.

In The Wild Truth, I tell my own story while filling in the blanks of his. During the past two decades, I often felt that I was living for the two of us as I found my own path: as a daughter, as a sister and the youngest of eight siblings, as I made mistakes in personal relationships and created success as an entrepreneur, and most importantly in the priorities I realized as a mother. The lessons I have learned are now on the pages of a new book, and I am confident it will help those who read them as much as it has helped me to write them down.

~ Carine McCandless
July, 2014

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