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Around the same time as Sean Penn began filming the movie Into The Wild, Ron Lamothe began making a documentary on the story.

Lamothe is a documentary film maker that visited the places Chris had been, spoke to people that Chris knew and met and also visited the bus where Chris McCandless passed away.

It is an interesting documentary that tells a slightly different story to that of the film Into The Wild - as most documentaries do. Lamonthe has some interesting theories on how Chris died. He was also one who was inspired by the newspaper article written by Jon Krakauer and ever since had the desire to research and document the story - albeit on his own small and limited budget. As the documentary shows, time and time again his project was delayed until he puts everything aside and goes out and actually does it. Unfortunately, when he finally gets the time to do this, it was a little late as Sean Penn had already started filming and
was researching contacts and leads to help with the movie. So, it was a bit of a race to see who could get to the people involved first.

We have been in touch with Ron Lamothe who has been kind enough to send a copy of his DVD to us. Thanks Rob.

The documentary can be purchased via his website.

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