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Into the Wild By, John Krakauer, discusses a story of Chris McCandless, a man in his early 20's whom ventures on a life changing adventure that ultimately ends in his demise, in an abandoned bus located in the Alaskan wilderness. Chris' courageous story shaped around his ideologies prove he was not the idiot some attempt to portray him as. In fact I believe that his obvious, faults were purposeful to ensure that he could live the "struggle" of those portrayed in his books. In a noble quest to live an adventure worthy of a book.

Throughout the majority of Chris' trek he kept journals documenting the more fascinating pieces of his story. He also managed to keep with him books appealing to his taste, and despite me not reading them, a swift google reveals a common theme amongst most of them; noble, often dangerous story's of survival, and simplistic "living off the land" lifestyles. The journals kept by Chris McCandless have led me to believe in an intention, an intention to become a story. Chris' choice to keep his journals can prove one of two things; he wanted to keep his memories, or he wanted to keep his notes. If Chris were keeping these journals for reference, it would be evidence of his intentions to publish a book, most likely intended to display his courage and bravery and his ability to stick to his lifestyle and inspire people to follow something they also believe in.

The idea that Chris did this on some suicidal, idiotic campaign should be nonexistent for the simple fact that Chris lived for this ideal. Not only, did he achieve experience living life off the land prior to his endgame in Alaska, he studied for it. In some of Chris' books the characters were living purely off the land. Chris' ideal was to do this as well, but in a more modern slightly safer experience that still guaranteed the reality of his characters plights. Where other characters were often forced into their experiences, Chris understood the impossibility of himself ever being placed in those scenarios. So in light of this, he forced himself into one, but despite this radical move, he was more prepared, or at least attempted to be. Chris brought along with him rice , a rifle, and books. These books included his favorite stories of courage and adventure, and books on edible plants. Chris followed through with his noble venture, forcing himself to learn while he played, learning to hunt while he practiced shots on rabbits and squirrels, and learning to forage while staring down the texture of a berry and studying a book. Chris did have experience, experience he gained in the most radical courageous way possible.

In a world with varying opinions on everything from taxes, to the ethics of mining oil in the ocean. Something that must be respected is someone's courage to step away from the crowd, and stand up for their beliefs. When John Krakauer interviewed Carine McCandless near the climax of the book, he inquired why she believes her brother never set the woods on fire to alert people of his scenario, she stated that it was against his code of ethics ,that he would rather die than set aflame the woods. The admirability of a man who can stick to his ideals even in a severe scenario, is immense. Chris' last note was a please for help, This note shows he still cared for the world he lived in, that his intent was to never die, but that he realizes his fate, scared of a demise he reached ultimately by following his dreams, and attempting to complete his life changing quest, a noble attempt for a better life and a better story.

Chris McCandless was definitely an intriguing individual, one who chose to live the radical life of a nomad, and force himself into dangerous survival scenarios. His story-like adventure shaped around his unique ,and noble ideology will continue to shape the lives of individuals who read Into The Wild by, John Krakauer. A praiseworthy telling of a story that can no longer be written by the main character. A Story of a brave man who gave up his degree, car, and $24,000 to live the life of his dreams, the story Chris McCandless.

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