Into The Wild - Savannah Kayal

Into The Wild Essay

Savannah Kayal
Mr. Epifanio
Honors World Literature IV
Summer Reading Essay

Chris McCandless was in my eyes, very influential. He sent this message to readers about finding themselves, adventuring, doing the extraordinary. And for me one thing that was emphasized the most throughout this book was experience. Experience the unknown, experience the uncomfortable, the weird, just experience. One cannot truly enjoy life without experience, and I think that is one thing we as human beings don’t do as often as we should.
As Robbins said in her essay we as a society are scared of stepping out of the social norm. And this is what hold us back from doing the one thing in life we can learn the most from, experience. We are trapped in this little box, following the rules of the society norm. I think as you read McCandless story you’re enlightened to go out and experience. And that’s exactly what I spent my summer doing, maybe not to his extreme though. I found myself walking places instead of driving, I found myself putting my phone away, in fact letting it die (which most teens would die if they let their phone die), and just enjoying the outdoors. I traveled a lot this summer, to some new places, and to some old. I feel like this book really affected me in the way that it actually changed my life; I stepped out of this society norm box and started experiencing.

Self Reliance is another emphasized “theme” throughout this book. This theme also ties in with the experience and the society norm pin. Through experience McCandless urges humans to abandon all old thoughts and seek new ideas, a new outlook on life through his or her own thoughts, not the weathered idea of what life should be like and how everyone should behave and think. This experience that I’m constantly bringing up forces us to think outside the box and think for ourselves. LaMarche brings up Emerson in her essay, and in his own way McCandless is our current wave of Emerson. She states, “Emerson goes so far as to call society “a conspiracy against the manhood of every one of its members” (Emerson, Self Reliance). This quote is just one of many examples of Chris’ beliefs that he took to heart and in this case, he could not allow himself to conform.” I think if we should get anything out of McCandless, we should realize this; he would not conform and would resist at all costs becoming like the average human being we should all resemble and be.

Now after reading Carine’s essay, I finally realized what exactly pushed Chris to take such a big leap and take on the nomadic lifestyle. After she stated that her parents rewrote a new version of this book titling it “Back Into the Wild” she pinpointed that she had to make sure Chris’ moral that truth is to be put above all. “Why did he choose to sever communication with his family?"..... Of course, my parents know why. How sad that this book that claims to be the life work of someone that stood for TRUTH above all else, actually begins with a lie.” In sense this is where I can have an “in” into Chris’ life before “Into the Wild”.

This book, has changed my outlook on life and will forever change the way I view things on a day to day. Thank you Chris McCandless.


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