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A want for independence is something known to all teenagers. You no longer feel the need of assistance on your way, making you parents every move that much more of an annoyance. Into the Wild, a nonfiction novel by Jon Krakauer shows the epitome of these topics, and that much more. Chris was pushed to his breaking point and his craving for independence pushed him even further, starting his journey to his own personal freedom.

The likes of society was nothing to McCandless. It was made of man, the very substance he found vile, the thing that more or less “left him wondering if his childhood was real.” He wanted something more, something bigger than himself, and apart from the man that did him wrong.When Chris found out that father was a liar, a cheat, and an arrogant man that commit the crimes against his family due to the fact that he was having an affair with his previous wife and family, led Chris to the edge. He rendered his father’s actions inexcusable. “You are wrong if you think joy emanates only or principally from human relationships.” (57) Chris thought that the only true joy and love stems from something bigger than yourself, and because man is not bigger and nature is, therefore nature can do you no wrong explaining the yearning for it from Chris’ heart.

The thought that ‘bigger is better’ is constantly recurring in modern day society. There is almost a constant need to be better than your neighbor. But is that important? To Chris society was the enemy. It was always wrong because there was no coexisting flow. But maybe if Chris took his jaded ‘bigger is better’ view off for just a second, he might potentially see that there are some souls like him, free spirits that not at all are out to get him or the next best thing. But he chose not to give it a chance and write it all off the first chance he got.

I am not unlike Chris in the quick to judge compartment of life. I have very little patience, especially when I have wants that are within reach if people would get out of the way. I have always wanted to be something bigger than I already am. I have goals, just as he does, though they are not the same. I understand his leaving when things got hard, because I have done it. His problem involved abuse and being lied to, and so does mine. I left my father’s house to avoid the mental and emotional abuse rising from that household, and seeking something bigger. He is foolish to some, and so am I; but it tends to be only foolish to the ones who do not understand.

He left to find bigger and better, and so have I. “I HAVE HAD A HAPPY LIFE AND THANK THE LORD. GOODBYE AND MAY GOD BLESS ALL” (199) were Chris’ last words. He did not complete his journey in others eyes, but to him he did, and to me as well. He found what he left for in the first place, fulfillment from something that could not suppress your happiness or stop you. I have found my safe haven, but I have much more seeking to do.

Sara Johnson

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