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Here is a paper from Salma Mousstamire who is French.

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Yesterday I finished reading the book'' Into the Wild'', through his words, I could share a few moments in the life of Christopher J. McCandless, twenty-one years after his death in the woods of Alaska.

Death vein? Or rather heroic death?

Regardless, Chris lived his dream and died proud and happy. I still do not understand the person McCandless, all of which I'm sure is that it is a brave young man who has to live in solitude in order to be at peace with himself. I think the real courage in his life, the real adventure in her life was the fact of having found the strength to say NO to unnecessary obligations of society. He disobeyed some basic rules imposed by man have a degree to ensure a beautiful picture of your person, regardless of whether the image you like, the important thing is that it pleases others. Chris said NO, he refused to be a clone of his father. Moreover, it is not the only one to be stifled by the Protocol of modern life, but it is among the few who have acted in their own way. The journey into solitude to Alaska, is proof of his courage, his true heroic act for me was having dared what others prohibit you foolishly. His death, as sad it may be, is not a proof of its failure or ignorance, I think his death gave life to many people who may have not made hitchhike to go to the other side of the world, but who dared say no for the first time at all that prevents them from living at peace with themselves. The death of Chris McCandless in the Fairbanks bus 142, smiling and happy, nothing tragic for me. It fulfills the purpose of his life, he met his soul, he touched the beauty of God, he lived his dream and this is much better than a long life without purpose, without magic, without spirituality.

I envy her life, as it is short, I want to be able to find his true identity, not to have remained all his life in the shoes of a person which he knows all. I want also to his death, his serenity, peace. I desires because its passage through this world was not in vain, and even twenty-one years after his death, he still manages to change people's lives, to show them that everyone has the right to live the life he wants to give them faith, courage will never give up their dreams. Life, however long it may be, is short, enjoy it as much for it would leave a trace on the ground. That people remember you for what you have done for them, for the world. Sometimes death is only the beginning, but when you go without leaving a trace, your death becomes useless and insignificant. Dare to dream and especially, dare find the courage and strength inside you to live your dreams!

Salma Mousstamire

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