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Let me properly introduce myself: My name is Jose Luis Rangel , I go by the nickname of " pepe ". Another dreamer. The following are my thoughts , comments and essay regarding the story of Christopher McCandless ...

How I came acrosss the Christopher McCandless story is an interesting story in itself. I love to read and I love to travel. My favorite topics to read are real life human interests stories. In the summer of 2006, almost on a whim, I left Houston , Texas for Alaska where I ended up working at a resort close to Denali National Park. At this time, I had no idea who Christopher McCandless was or any author by the name of Jon Krakauer. Working at this resort's supply room, I handled all necessary items for the resort, including items for the gift shops there. I handled the magazine and the books the gift shops sold. I kept seeing a book titled - ' Into The Wild ' by Jon Krakauer. I told my self, that book looks interesting, I will read it as soon as I have the chance. I was working in Denali but living in the close-by town of Healy. I heard from some of my fellow workers about a kid that died near the area and later about a movie being made about it also near the area. Little did I know at the time that I was living and working near the Stampede Trail road and very geographically close to an abandoned Fairbanks bus number 142 . I still had not read the book.

With the summer job over, I made my way to Anchorage, Alaska where I ended up working for about a year. I still had not read the book. In 2008, I was back in Houston, Texas. I stopped at a bookstore and a certain book caught my eye. I finally read the book Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer. Imagine my surprise. It was in fact a very inspiring, thoughtful book written by a nature-inspired outdoor journalist. Very thought-provoking, very well-written book.

There are many dreamers in this world. Dreamers that never get the media exposure that Chris McCandless received. But than there are some who turn their dream into reality. Some dreamers prefer isolation than the mundane and trivial relationship with anyone. For different reasons, we dreamers end up in isolation by choice or simply because we feel no one really understands our passions. We love people, love humanity, the ocassional relationship, but the strong longing to go out into the world and just get lost is a void that no human relationship can ever fill. What better way to get lost than in the awe-inspiring wilderness of nature.

For some people that longing lasts a few years , like a phase, for others - a lifetime. Then there are many dreamers of different age, different levels of experience and understanding. To the Christopher McCandless of the world, we owe our respect and admiration for having the courage to do what many of us only dream about.

Words fail to describe the passion one feels for wilderness and nature. To a mountain climber for example, a mountain is nature, but also a quest to conquer what is there. Almost a spiritual quest. For the wilderness lover, the quest is the same but also more. The mountains, valleys, deserts and forests, we want to take it all in. To be absorbed in it. To be consumed by it. To be completely be at one with it and have our very souls embedded in the majestic panoramas that is God's creations.

Whether Christopher McCandles knew it or not, he was a philosoper-in-training. A person who was just beginning to discover the true meaning of his own life and the living of it. No one...No one has the right to take that chance away from you. Not even your family. To Christopher's parents I say this:

Your son was following his passions. Family circumstances or not he was going to follow them. The fact that he perished doing what he loved should be a cause for celebration not grief. He is gone many years now but as long as he is remembered by anyone especially someone who did not even meet him should fill your hearts with joy. I consider Christopher McCandless a strand in the intricate web of life that we all weave. We are all connected somehow. All of us.

As I walk
The Hemisphere
Got my wish
To up and disappear

I leave here believing
More than I had
This love has got
No ceiling.

- Eddie Vedder
Into The Wild Movie Soundtrack

- pepe

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