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Into The Wild Essay

Olivia Pettit
US Government
18, March 2015

Lost In The Right Direction:

Christopher McCandless, known as Alexander Supertramp, defied the law of social expectations. This man, not only left friends and family, but left a lavish lifestyle to live the life that was desired by him. A life of happiness. Of true freedom. Whoever dares to try and diminish this man of any honor is witless.

Some may say that McCandless was negligent, but he should be looked at as heedful towards his family. Chris left, not intending to cause any sort of harm, but to find himself, without the worry of everyone else. No one was to know what he planned to do or where he planned to go. The reason behind the “disappearance” of Chris is unknown, but should never be found out.

McCandless saw the world in a different light. One of beauty. Beauty in nature. Not the social view of beauty. He loved what God gave to him, a
nd to everyone and chose to live off of what was given to him. In McCandless’s journal, day 48, he wrote “Maggots already. Smoking appears ineffective. Don’t know, looks like disaster. I now wish I had never shot the moose. One of the greatest tragedies of my life.” He had a love for nature. And beat himself down for taking something God had given him, and in turn, went to waste. Of course he wasn’t prepared for what he went into. And he didn’t want to be. He lived amongst some of the most beautiful great Alaskan wilderness, with no intention of ever coming home. This man, though young in age, was old and wise at heart. And was able to create an intricate meaning of life for himself. Not self centered. Not egotistical. Simply looking for something that no one would ever be able to teach him.

McCandless went into the wild, alone, with the intention of living a life full of adventure. He wasn’t running away from anything, but running to his own idea of happiness. The death of Chris was inevitable, but those who were lucky enough to know him or meet him, should cherish those moments. For Supertramp has showed, not only his story, but those who may be afraid to live their life to the fullest, to follow their dreams and aspirations. Follow in the footsteps of Christopher Johnson McCandless as a person full of passion, self worth, love and a true hippie at heart. Chris will forever live in our hearts and influence us every day of our dream filled lives. Thank you Chris for showing those who dare to dream to dream big. To take life and twist it as you want it. And to love every single moment and live it as if it is your last.

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