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I know maybe I’m too late to know what happened with Chris about almost 22 years ago. Yeah, I just watched the movie yesterday and now I’m about to read the book. I know many of you submitted the papers when you finally finished read and watched Into The Wild. But, for me, I think I really can’t wait to share my thoughts here just after watched the movie only. It poisoned my mind in these 2 days and I’m started to browse all about Chris just right after I watched it. Chris’ story is really get into me. I really understand what I’ve been through is not really the same of what Chris had, but somehow I just so familiar with Chris’ feeling about his parents, family, that domestic violence, and the urge to just get away from family problem and go..go..far away from home.

I’m Melati, 23 years old, just graduated from med school here in Jakarta, Indonesia. I live in Jakarta ever since I was born. I have three siblings, the two is my elder sisters and one younger sister. Yeah, we don’t have any brother siblings. Actually we did. He was my elder brother, just one year older than me. But, just in his 2-days-old, he passed away because of meconium aspiration when he was born.

My parents and their 4 beautiful daughters used to live happily in a quite big house with many fancy cars and prosper life. My dad is a director of his own company , my mom is his manager plus secretary , and they ran a quite big family business and achieved success. Like Chris’ story, all of their success and prosper life, just make the two of them easily fight. My dad is a stubborn man and he’s the type of man that never hesitate to punch or slap any women that make him angry. And that exactly what my mom had to face for years. Sometimes I caught my mom with bruise on her forehead, cheek, and around her lips. Couple times, I saw with my own eyes how my dad is hurting my mom.

The problem is getting worse when my mom knew that my dad is cheating on her. A bit familiar with Chris’ story, we’ve been through many times of internal forum about their decision to divorce since I was in elementary school. But the divorce is never happened until my last year in high school. Since they divorced, me, my mother and my 3 other siblings moved out from that big house and rent a small house near my school. My mother convinced us (me and my 3 siblings) that we can make a happier life there, just five of us. My dad was so mad about it. We’re all four (me and my 3 siblings) were so encourage what my mom is doing and we hate our dad so much. Sick of those violation in our own home.

Just few months after we moved into that small and warm house, instead of had a better life, another problem was hunting our life again. My mom is married again with the man that had a bad history with my dad. My dad’s big enemy I say. We’re all four felt like my mom betrayed us, like she already had a plan long time ago before the divorce. Our mom, that we used to trust and depend all of our problems to her, is now a wife of a man we have never imagine that he’s gonna be our step father. And in this point, I hate my mom. Sick with those lies and betrayal.

Coping with these problems for years of my life, just make me to be an independent person, a stubborn, selfish and sometimes, just like Chris, have a hard thoughts of life and feel like I want to go away from this sickness of life, those violation, lies and betrayal. Go far away from home. Forget everything and everyone. Be a totally new girl. Live by my self somewhere far from home. And this time, unlike Chris, I never have the guts to do all that. It’s just on my mind. Just my wild piece of thoughts.

I just want to say that… maybe some people thought what Chris did is so immature and idealist. Run away from life problems and had an extreme life in the wild . But I think I really understand what Chris feeling that time and he just want to have a happier and free life, and of course, a life without people who hurts each other. I pray for you, Christopher Johnson cCandless. You inspire me how to be brave and provide freedom for myself. God bless us all.
SSorry for my bad English. Thank you.

Melati Pratiwi
Fresh graduate doctor Jakarta, Indonesia

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