Into The Wild - Megan Ramirez

Into The Wild Essay

Thought on McCandless
Megan Ramirez
Ideally when someone asks you what you plan to do in the next few years they expect answers like “going to college” or “getting a job,” rarely do people ever ask what they dream of doing in the future and very rarely do people ever have an answer. “Every person has their own set of wants, needs, and desires (Robbins),” so why is it we are expected to conform go to college, get jobs, move out, live “normal” lives. Christopher McCandless did all of that for the majority of his life, he was highly intelligent got into college and successfully graduated but as a result of living to others expectations he secluded himself and “didn’t want any relationship with any person getting in the way (Robbins),” of his dream he just wanted “to be able to better himself and finally find his own happiness.” Who are we to call him “monomaniac and self-absorbed (La Marche),” when we want happiness to.

In my experience when people vary from the social norms they are constantly questioned and stereotyped. If you don't plan to go to college or you plan on going to community college you automatically are assumed to have low ambitions, if you go to an art college people assume you will be a broke artist hippy. So when Chris graduated high school and college with a Bachelor’s degree, double majoring in history and anthropology, no one expected him to go 3 year with no contact to his family, on a journey “to explore the inner country of his own soul, (Krakauer).” Chris left a legacy so people like Krakauer and Korn go on his expedition to Alaska or the Desert, or some other place on an adventure to find what Chris found whether its peace with nature or to find themselves. “Chris’ story forces us not only to question what forgotten dream within ourselves is important enough to risk everything for, but it also forces us to take a long hard look in the mirror and ask ourselves why we have abandoned this thing, (Korn).” How Chris lived and died unnerves us because we are afraid if we try to live our dreams they will fail and we’ll have nothing to back ourselves on but when people like Chris go out and lives his dream we question ourselves. But we question more is it worth living your dream if you die for it.

Chris wasn't “the average person who doesn’t take major risks or chances in their lifetime, (Robbins)” he was the type of person was the type of person people can describe as not “caring what people thought of him, (Robbins).” He had a “Great amount of courage, (Robbins)” and “Serves as an inspiration for us all, (Korn)” because he followed his dream. We “admire the boy immensely for his courage and noble ideals: [while] others fulminated that he was a reckless idiot, a wacko, a narcissist who perished out of arrogance and stupidity, (Krakauer),” but really I think most of us are just “angry at Chris for dying (Korn).” No person who follows there dreams with so much passion is suppose to die just like no superhero is suppose to die, but when people die young, or die doing their passion we are upset because it doesn’t feel right to us. We ignore his flaws and praise his life because many of us strive to live our dreams like he lived his.

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