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Life is a silly, important, hard concept to grasp .That is what this book taught me. Christopher Mccandless was a free sprit that taught me that life is something you have to deal with by yourself if you want to be happy. This book was inspirational, thoughtful, and a bit boring at times. That’s a bit like life I suppose, a bit boring at times. But Chris taught me that you have to make your own adventure.

This book made me think about how unimportant material things actually are. Chris gave up everything he had for nothing and he did just fine. But I think that might have been some of the problem. That he didn’t have anything that was important to him. If he had more feelings for his family or he had one special thing that he loved back home, I think that would have pushed him to stay alive. This book taught me the importance of family, and how a little material thing may be important. I love my family and would be heartbroken if I lost them. I think it’s a good thing to hold on to family for a little support. Chris’s stupidity opened my eyes to that.

There are a few thing that Chris did that I think was smart but others that I think were so idiotic. In some ways he was a role model, in others he was an idiot. I wish I could have settled with one of the personalities instead of having to settle with liking one better. That was always what made me frustrated while I was reading. That at one moment I would really like Chris and what he was doing, but then the next moment I would hate him for all the stupid choices he was making.

When everything is considered I think this was a really good book. I think that there are a lot of things you can learn from Christopher Mccandless. One of them is to be smart, be free, and before you figure anyone else out, figure out yourself.
Laura Doocy

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