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Into The Wild Essay

Nothing matters, you need to learn to live your life, alone and independent. Christopher McCandless lived on his own will, nothing will stop him. This is his life, to make himself happy; he had a free spirit and just went along with whatever was thrown at him. He lived off the things he found on the side of the road. He didn’t care what everyone else said to him or did to him. He taught me that you have to make yourself, your own life, and your own adventure. And that’s just what he did.

This book showed me that you don’t live on material things even if you think that they do. Chris gave up everything of his and just left, but I do think this was part of the problem. He felt nothing, had no feelings, nothing to live for. I think if he would’ve had something important to live on, he might’ve had something to live for, to push him for something greater. Something to inspire him, to take him all the way.

I think Chris had a bit of a sense of stupidity and was kind of idiotic. Others might’ve seen him as an inspiration, a role model. He thought that there was nothing better to live for. Chris seemed like he was just trying t find himself, like he was lost before. At times he seemed very different. I also felt like he was confusing me sometimes when this happened.

Overall this book was okay, I got really confused when it kept going back in time and since it told you at the beginning that he died, I think it made me not really not want to read it.
Kylee Mclaughlin

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