Into The Wild - Ivannia Morton

Into The Wild Essay

Ivannia Morton
Honors World Literature 4
Mr. Epifanio
Almost inevitable, we see our physical reflections every day. From the moment you wake up to brush your teeth, or while accidently turning on your self-camera; you’re met with yourself. Some people love their reflection and they’ll let you know it. If you can find a selfie of them on your social media feed daily, they’re probably one of those people. Then there are the people who hate seeing themselves. Constantly avoiding seeing their reflections unless absolutely necessary.

I don’t particularly like mirrors. They don’t tell the full story about what it’s reflecting. The internal reflection which is by far more valuable is harder to see. In order to see that internal reflection you need a few things. I believe the key components are love, and understanding. While first reading Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer, I was shocked that such a seemingly intelligent young man would abandon his family as well give away as well as burn his assets. Truthfully I thought he was just an idiot.

Rebecca LaMarche had an interesting point in her thoughts about McCandless: “Many people call his actions selfish and cruel, but others believe that while it may have been self-centered, it was a noble and necessary change for him.” I thought about what she said and found a new outlook on McCandless. He wasn’t just some foolish 20 something year old that couldn’t appreciate what his parents provided for him, he was fully aware. He just needed a break from the emotional stress and expectations his parents and society placed upon him. According to Carine McCandless her family endured domestic violence, threats, and deception. She mentioned this: “We did not expect our parents to be perfect, as we certainly were not, but we did expect to be able to trust them and feel safe and loved within our own home.”

Many times in life we tend to automatically assume what someone’s circumstances are, or why they behave the way they do. One does not know if the grass is greener on the other side until they spend a day in their shoes. It seems that McCandless was facing this internal struggle of staying behind and becoming what people wanted him to be, or finding his true self. He needed to be content with a simple life, before he could be happy with a life society deems as “normal.” In Jessica Robbins essay, she mentioned this: ”You can write novels, poems, and short stories on the topic but you’ll never truly understand the beauty of life until you experience it for yourself, until you immerse yourself in it.”

Not everyone needs to take a 4,000 mile journey across the country to find who they are, but some people do. As human beings we all go through a process of self-discovery and finding self-worth at some point of our lives. For some it comes quicker than others. What’s important is that we have patience and understanding with people as they go about whatever means it takes to reach the point of contentment and self-fulfillment. Love is patient and love is kind, love is needed to make thoughts align. Understanding that this process is not easy and that it bares challenges similar to the ones McCandless faced, is a part of growing up and furthering oneself. Once you can come to conclusion that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and that it takes time to find the confidence to do what you love and be who you want to be, you can finally be happy with the life you imagined.


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