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Chris McCandless lived life the way he wanted, and embraced it. There's a lot of life lessons that could be learned from reading the book. I was really hoping for a little more suspense in the book, so I was more motivated to read it. Since it said he died in the very beginning of the book, I already knew how his journey ended before the book even really started. The extra chapters about Krauker's opinion in the book I really disliked too, Krauker was trying to be better than Chris and show off, which is immature.

I love Christopher's personality, and wish he'd done more that could have prevented his death. The thought that he could have prevented his death makes him seem extremely reckless though. He lived off the land like he wanted pretty well, but that also sort of made him unprepared. Chris valued his independence more than anything else to him, which is probably why he wanted to go on this journey. Chris did not give up on his dream no matter what, all the way until his end.

Over all, I thought the book was alright. Chris found himself, used his determination and courage, and did what Chris wanted to do. Not what anyone else wanted him to do. That's the kind of thing that gets you where you want to go in life.
Dale Moitz

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