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Into The Wild Essay

The book into the wild changed how I saw things. Now, I don’t think of so much want as of need. Chris survived but just ate the wrong berries. He really followed the motto Y.O.L.O. (you only live once).I thought that the book should have been in chronological order. It would have been WAY easier to understand. Into the wild was confusing but after using the study guide questions it started making sense. Since the book was like a puzzle it made me pay more attention. It made me want to figure out things, which made me read more. I think that I’m just use to it being in chronological order.

The authors input of his own adventures was unnecessary. No one wanted to read the book to learn about Krauker. They wanted to learn about Chris. The author almost seemed to try and one up Chris. That Chris was just stupid, when really, in my opinion; He just wanted to get away. When you know Chris’s background his anger is justified. Overall, I liked the book. Some things I would change but it was still good!
Camille Childress

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