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Into The Wild Essay

Amahd Young
Into The Wild Essay
Exploring Yourself

Finding yourself or conquering a life goal is something that many people dream of and try to accomplish in many different ways. A lot of people tend to conquer life goals and find themselves with the assistance of their family and or peers; while few want to rely on themselves and their own wit. Individuals like Chris McCandless, who adventure out on their own and disconnect from people in order to explore their own character, are the people who stick out and make changes. Although having peers to help you find yourself is beneficial, being self-reliant is a trait that’ll bring ultimate success in finding your “inner soul.”

In order for McCandless to venture into complete self-reliance and reach his goal he had to remove all the obstacles in his way. Chris made the choice to isolate his family, old values, car, money, and even his name. It is evident that his life back home held some kind of baggage that would prevent him from “following his dreams and being free and taking life into his own hands” (Korn). It was important to Chris to leave all these things behind because it was “… a noble and necessary change” (LaMarche) for him to be able to be “… comfortable in solitude and independence” (LaMarche). These things held him back from embarking on his odyssey to be free and live in Alaska. Chris became dependent on himself and his own knowledge and nothing else could get in the way of his quest into the wild.

McCandless came in contact with many people who had the opposite mindset of him and actually tried to convince him to step out of his new profound values. Christopher kept his mind set on his Alaskan journey throughout his travels as he denied extra cash, clothing, and advice to call home to his parents. Although his encounters with people along the way tried to trump him he kept his mindset on his goal.

One companion in particular, Franz, was the complete opposite of McCandless. He was very dependent on human contact and relied on routine functions and was fond of Chris’ presence. Christopher saw that he was lost in a momentous security and wrote him a letter once they departed. This letter showed a lot of McCandless good character and wisdom especially in one part of the letter where he stated, “My point is that you do not need me or anyone else around to bring this new kind of light in your life. It is simply waiting out there for you to grasp it, and all you have to do is reach for it. The only person you are fighting is yourself… to engage in new circumstances” (McCandless, 58). Was Chris trying to connect with Franz to re-assure himself that he does not need anyone to bring light into his life? Or was he simply just being moral and trying to hand Franz the tools to bring light into his life? Chris became the peer that helps others explore life as he realized “happiness is only real when shared” (Korn part 3).

Christopher set out to be a transcendentalist like some of his favorite writers Emerson and David Thoreau, and even though he went to the extremes of his adventures and dreams that caused him death he still showed readers across the world “don’t hesitate or allow yourself to make excuses. Just get out and do it… you will be very, very glad you did” (McCandless). Chris definitely did not hesitate when he had no map, no way out, and no one to come save him because he chose to get away from society and have a life with himself in Alaska.

Chris relying on his self-reliant idealism brought him and in a way his family happiness at the end of his journey in Alaska. Jon Krakauer did well portraying the characteristics of a young man with a lot of mental strength to handle the wild and being away from family who worried everyday about his whereabouts. However, it takes a lot of self-reliance for Chris to be able to do what he did as a man who grew up with a good education, a family who loved him, and materialistic objects. Perhaps Robbin was right when she said “he found his happiness, his passion, his meaning of life; living simply in nature, in the wild.”


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