If Chris knew he could die why did he continue?

An interesting topic as there seems to be a lot of theories.
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If Chris knew he could die why did he continue?

Postby wbhssampson » Tue Apr 01, 2014 4:57 pm

If Chris knew that he could die why didn't he just stop? Why did Chris continue? Why didn't Chris think of his family and what he was leaving behind? Was he selfish or selfless?

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Re: If Chris knew he could die why did he continue?

Postby WBHSrcook » Wed Apr 02, 2014 5:48 pm

I don't think he went into the wild knowing he was going to die or wanting to do. He did try to come back but the river was too high and fast. I think throughout his whole journey he was doing what he thought he needed to do. He did leave his family behind and clueless for years. I think we can all agree he shouldn't have done what he did to his parents. But, they understood that he liked it up in Alaska and that he enjoyed doing what he did. They say he died in peace. I believe he was at peace with everything. I don't think he was crazy, just independent and wanted to do his own thing.

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If Chris knew he could die why did he continue

Postby Georgehic » Thu Mar 31, 2016 8:56 am

I think when the band arent touring, Chris goes back home with his family, Matt and Dom take care of the media stuff.

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Re: If Chris knew he could die why did he continue?

Postby Anniewhereugo » Mon Feb 20, 2017 6:50 am

What was left for the young Mr. McCandless? Ultimately he knew there would be no true happiness in this world for him. The big illusion he built Alaska into and his dramatic exit from his former life left him with few choices. I think towards the end he was able to be completely honest with himself and had decided to go back to civilization, though not necessarily his family. When he was unable to recross the river he viewed this as a decision from a higher power that there was no going back. He really did feel that he had lived a good and fulfilling life and it was time to let go.

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