A common topic: I'm doing what Chris did!

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A common topic: I'm doing what Chris did!

Postby Aves » Sat Jul 05, 2014 6:28 pm

Alright, maybe not all exactly the same, but close. I need some tips, if there are any good books on it, etc. on how to live a simple life on the road!
I don't want to go hungry, of course, but I also don't want/need any money. I want to have what I take from home and somehow make it...

Here's a backstory:
Christopher McCandless didn't really inspire me to do this. I'm only seventeen years old, but I'm old enough to understand how tired of this privileged and normal life I am. I am not religious, so I don't see much point in life either. We grow up, go to school, graduate, have a job, get a partner, get married, have children and work some more! All that until you're 67 [in Croatia!] and then you go into retirement, where you do absolutely nothing but wait for your death, because you're too tired to pursue any hobbies! I said before, it's not all depression and whatnot throughout life, all these events are great, beautiful and whatnot, but it's not who I am. This has been going around my mind for the past 2 years and shaped me a lot. I don't smoke, I don't drink, I don't go outside in clubs and party every Friday and Saturday night, but would rather stay home and read a book or play a video-game! However, when I do go out, I want to be in... lesser groups around quiet areas, such as woods and whatnot.

My life has been like Chris's for quite a while. I actually took the quote from the film where Carine narrates how they were cast both as judges and the accused, since there is a LOT of violence going between my parents from since I can remember. There were also phases where they didn't live together, but somehow it always ended up being okay and we're still together... But every month, at least twice, they wreck the whole apartment and the cops get involved. I'm not even sure how this still works, to be honest... But it is what it is. Other similarities I have with Chris are rather minor, for example, we were both afraid of water, but that's less important.

I'm not saying this is some kind of a sign that I need to do this, but I do believe that everyone are supposed to reach spiritual revolution. Not all through the same way, or at the same time, but I think this is my way. I really hate modern day life, as well. Everyone knows who you are... I just got my ID card, now they have my fingerprints and I've never felt my privacy being more invaded than now... We are being literally enslaved by society and it's norms nowadays. It's horrible to even think about it.

I don't want to get away forever, no. I want to get away for a little bit to find not meaning in my life, but myself. And I think an adventure like this could and will help. I'm still deciding if I will hitchhike, like Chris did, all across the world or maybe use a bicycle? Not sure, at all, but as already written, I want to do this, for a long, long time. See what it makes of me. See how I will change. Do not worry, for I will not make the same mistakes Chris did. I'll prepare, I have about 6-7 years to do so, starting today.

Also, I think it would be good to mention that I'm maybe not doing this myself, but with a friend who thinks as closely as I do about all of it. We do not have much ambition in our life, I don't even know what I want to do, where to work, etc. I really, really like birds, all birds... Birds in prey more, but all birds in general are dear to me, so I'm probably going to try and get into falconry and try to somehow make a business out of it, even though falconry is more of a hobby than anything else.

But yeah, the question stands and thank you for reading, means a world.
Safe travels, take care and take it easy. :)

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Re: A common topic: I'm doing what Chris did!

Postby uffemoll » Tue Aug 12, 2014 10:44 pm

Where do you live man?

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A common topic Im doing what Chris did

Postby Servicenwy » Wed Nov 09, 2016 9:21 pm

I think they locked up the real Chris in the dungeons below their offices and set up an imposter to moderate these forums

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