Bus 142 has been removed (?)

Here you can write about the bus, trips to the bus etc etc...
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Bus 142 has been removed (?)

Postby Andre@ » Tue Feb 05, 2013 6:11 pm

Hi everyone,

I am about to plan my next vacation (summer holidays).

I've got this message:

The village of Healy, Alaska removed the bus from the Stampede Trail and it is in Healy. You can see it there. They were getting tired of recuing people from the trail!
From first week of August till end of September the trail is heavily use by hunters who are wanting to see hikers who may frighten the game!
There are a lot of nice places to hike where hunters will not be around.
Contact the Fairbanks Convention and Visitors Center for information.


Does anyone have more information? Is that true? :shock:

Thanks! ;)

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Re: Bus 142 has been removed (?)

Postby GoNorth » Thu Feb 28, 2013 11:18 am

I guess this is some kind of misinformation. What you can see in Healy is actually the movie bus (that had been standing around somewhere in or near Cantwell all the time after the movie had been finished). About 2 years ago they moved this movie bus to the 49th state brewery in Healy in order to (try to) avoid having more and more people walking to the REAL bus along stampede trail. As the movie bus looks very much like the original bus, people can also take their "I was here" photo in front of the bus in Healy, without risking their lives by crossing the Tek river or so, in case they are inexperienced hikers, which seems to be the case for a certain number of them (one hiker even died there in the summer of 2010).
That's what I know about the bus in Healy, so I think that's what this article refers to. So the real bus should still be where it has been standing for decades.


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Re: Bus 142 has been removed (?)

Postby Rapsurf1 » Wed Oct 19, 2016 4:53 am

I am interested in hiking to bus 142 next summer 2017 and wanted to know how I could find people to go with me. My current boyfriend is not the adventurous type and will not be doing the hike. This is something I do not want to tackle alone. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Re: Bus 142 has been removed (?)

Postby Perch » Fri Nov 04, 2016 6:39 am

Hey Rapsurf1 - I'm also hoping to do this hike in the summer of 2017. And after all the videos I've seen of the trail it definitely has to be done in a group. Any thoughts as to when in 2017? The warmer the better, but I think the bugs get worse later in the summer too... Anyways, send me a message or just reply here, maybe we can set something up. All the best. -Justin (Ontario, Canada)

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Re: Bus 142 has been removed (?)

Postby Stafford72 » Sun Nov 06, 2016 8:06 am

Dear Rapsurf1,
I just read of your plan to hike to the magic bus and that you`re searching people to join you.
I may introduce myself at first.
I`m Oliver from Germany(Lower Saxony) and i`m 44years old now`(not by mind ;-)). First time I saw "Into the wild" I was totally flushed by this story.
Since this moment, I watch the film from time to time to come down a little bit and to remind me what really matters in live.
Everytime searching for new adventures in my life think the time has come(after a plenty of motorcycle adventures injuries and accidents) to hike the bus now(what was dream since i saw the movie first time).

Enough from me for now. If you`re interested in getting to know me feel free to contact me.

Best regards,


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Re: Bus 142 has been removed (?)

Postby MattinLA » Sat Nov 26, 2016 10:26 pm

Any type of research you do on the hike (Last Frontier Adventure Club out of Alaska... they're great!... here's a link to their most informative, detailed vid:

they all say late spring VS summer is when you want to do it... due to the Tek being higher and thus more dangerous in summer. So ... I'm looking to go like the very beginning of May next year... and... as has been discussed... being in numbers is way safer... so I'm looking for cool souls to join. Get in touch please!!!

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Re: Bus 142 has been removed (?)

Postby Perch » Tue Dec 06, 2016 9:54 pm

Just following up to the last few posts. I'm looking at the first week of September for this hike. I'm planing on doing the bigger hikes in my area all summer to prepare for this one, and according to Eric Halfacre (Last Frontier Adventures Club) the mosquitoes are mostly gone by this time.

2017 marks the 25 year anniversary of Alex Supertramp's adventures, it would be nice to try and clean up the bus, maybe leave something nice in his memory. Just a thought.

Maybe we should get in touch with the Last Frontier Adventures Club through Facebook, Halfacre said in one of his videos he would help organize groups if people are interested.

ruoqu wang
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Re: Bus 142 has been removed (?)

Postby ruoqu wang » Tue Dec 13, 2016 7:47 am

Hey Justin, I m Ruoqu Wang, a 26 chinese young man who is also attracted by the story of Chris. So want to see the bus. I don't know if you guys have formed a team or not, if there is open space, please let me know. I also would love to hear about how other people think of Chris. I am working in California as an architect, my schedule is quite flexible, here is my email: ruoqu@icloud.com
thanks a lot.

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Re: Bus 142 has been removed (?)

Postby Melissamadden » Wed Dec 14, 2016 12:11 am

Hey I am looking to visit bus 142 is spring 2017. I have one friend who is also a female willing to do this with me. I am looking to find a group or get a group together of 5-7 people!!! Anyone thinking of going alone, I wouldn't suggest it.... Well if anyone is planning to travel there spring mid April 2017 and would like to join me please reach out, or if anyone knows any groups that are going let me know! I'm fun so you'll have a blast! NJ native

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Re: Bus 142 has been removed (?)

Postby adrian » Thu Dec 15, 2016 12:44 am

i'm also planing to hike to 142... i would love to join..
here or please email me for discuss this...

all the best,

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