Can anyone help me find this info?

Here you can write about the bus, trips to the bus etc etc...
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Can anyone help me find this info?

Postby Brittany » Sun Aug 20, 2017 3:29 am

We are producing a travelogue about Chris McCandless to retrace his steps, and we’re looking for anyone he ran into along his journey… i.e., Jan Burres, Wayne Westerberg, Ronald Franz, friends from Slab City and fellows he worked with under Wayne, to even a ranger or immigration official who came into contact with Chris.

Might you be able to know where any of these people live, or how I might be able to get in contact with them? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

In addition, might anyone know how I could obtain a copy of Chris' journal with all of his original entries and notes? Thank you so much!


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