I thought I'd share this email with you all

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I thought I'd share this email with you all

Postby admin » Thu Jun 04, 2015 7:22 am

Hi all,

It is not very often that I post to the forum because it is great to see all of your thoughts and opinions about the various topics here. I wrote mine on the website itself when it was first published in 2008.
This time, I could not help but post this comment but before that I would like to explain something.

In your life, there may be several people that inspire you. These could be completely different characters from different walks of life, but somehow you feel that what they did or who they are leaves a mark with you.

I have this with two Chris's. One is Christopher McCandless and the other is Chris Kyle. For those of you that do not know him, he was an American soldier that loved his country and his brothers in arms. At the same time he was a family man trying to battle through the perils of war. I read his book and did a lot of research on him before building a website about the man.

I am not expecting anyone to be inspired by him, or that you follow my views. In fact many will not. That is ok, but to me, both men were inspiring.

The reason for sharing this, is because of an email I received today. Of course I will not show his email address (which may have been made up simply to "blast me") but I will show you what he or she wrote.
Adam (admin)

I loved the book and movie about Chris M. He was truly inspirational.

But at the bottom of his website, some ignorant sack of dogshit tells us about another 'inspirational' person: Chris Kyle.

Puke. He was a mass-murdering, racist warmongering terrorist who murdered kids and women based on lies. And he loved it and bragged about it.

See, you're too fucking ignorant to realize it's stupid shit like this that most likely drove Chris, a truly inspirational person, away from his family. To compare Chris M to Chris American Terrorist Kyle is sickening and all that is wrong with our once-great country.

What a stupid fucking thing to say about Chris Kyle. You probably masturbate to that fucking American Terrorist movie about the baby killer.

Stupid fucking idiots. The world is better off with Kyle the Terrorist. The world is a darker place without McCandless.

Fucking morons. Go fuck yourself.


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Re: I thought I'd share this email with you all

Postby JamesR » Fri Aug 28, 2015 1:54 am

Kyle served his country ....... Bad things happen and sometimes these are done for the wrong reasons. But Kyle was protecting a lot of marines that could have easily been killed by the bad folks over there.

I respect your opinion but you should show a little respect back ....... Yes he took lives, but he also saved many many more.

Sgt / USMC / 0311
1st Battilion 8th Marines

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Re: I thought I'd share this email with you all

Postby Richad » Wed Oct 28, 2015 12:50 pm

I am new here only just registered and slowly going through this forum the 1st was to scan over the thread "I f### hate Chris McCandless" which is disturbing and feel i will be going back to put my input.
The 2nd thread is this,
I have known the tragic story of both men for many years well more so our Chris M, his family and friends which has affected me deeply.
But I was suprised to see a relationship with Chris Kyle's one on this website. The email you recieved is a disgrace and full of hate, he was a hero who also saved lives while taking them, together with many not so nice truths about the guy.

Now Christopher McCandless was an innocent young free spirit trying to escape the turmoils of a childhood that scared him.

I wish not to rifle any feathers but I can't see the relationship this site has with a war hero tragically killed who has so many haters which can only result in further hate thrown at you and may damage potential funds to this site.
Again not here to cause upset nor to have a discussion on chris kyle.
Its a shame to see on my first visit I enter the top 2 threads to see such hate.

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Re: I thought I'd share this email with you all

Postby admin » Sun Nov 01, 2015 12:06 am

Hi Richad,

Thanks for your message.
Firstly - this is a not for profit. I have not received any funds whatsoever in relation to this website.
Secondly, mentioning both Chris's was just a thought from myself about two people that have inspired me. Nothing more. I realise that not all will like it or appreciate it, but that is ok.

I could have easily share a beer with both men if I had been given the chance.

Adam (admin)

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