If Chris had Returned ...

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If Chris had Returned ...

Postby shakayla » Fri Sep 13, 2013 8:47 am

As the book makes him out to be, Chris was a young, charismatic, 20-year-old go-getter, but that had many expectations pinned onto him by his family, his peers, and all his teachers in life. Every person that he met was mesmerized by his ambition and overall likability. However, he had his own agenda in mind that was and would be known only him that made him detach from those that he knew. Despite that, he was not a bad person. On the contrary, he was very much someone that would help where he could and if given a job, would follow it through to the end of it. He did not give up.

A teenager, it was said that he was very much against discrimination over other races or people, urging his friends to buy a plane ticket with him to Africa. However, he discriminated his own parents for their relatively comfortable life and small spendings of money for luxury. Furthermore, he looked down on people that had both fixed, and academic careers in society.

After finishing his mandatory education in college, he only hinted that he "might disappear for a while", not arousing much worry in his parents. But then, he DID disappear, for two years, not telling nor bothering to communicate with any of his family, friends, nor any others that were involved in his past life. At first a "rubber tramp", he eventually lost his car and began hitchhiking around the U.S. From then on, even his journal did not hear from him until later he would reunite his relationship with it in Alaska on a one-man expedition that he would, unfortunately not return from. But what if he did?

During his time in the U.S., he met many people that later recalled a good relationship with him - he even continued to write to them once he left, with no intention of creating a true, two-way bound with them. He did not want to belong. Many later recalled, however, a good connection with him, noting that he was immediately likable and came off as a friendly, intelligent, hardworking and certainly young individual.

But now that he is gone, many continue still to form very different opinions of him and his actions. He left for Alaska unprepared and with no intention of continuing anymore of his letters to the people he knew. Finally, he was found two months later. DEAD.

A large portion of those that continue to write about him once they head his story think he is an idiot. A selfless, reckless and unforgiving person that many called a friend. But a large part of that also questions what his intentions really were, and what if he came alive? How would these same people's opinions change if he were still alive today. Would he be a hero, an inspirational character, someone that everyone could connect with, and look up to? Or would there still be some that would find a dark spot in all his actions.

Anyone who hears his story will most likely immediately emphasize with him, in some way. We believe that Chris had a pull. He felt that he needed to get away for a while, but he also hurt many people on the way. His family, his friends - they were all left in the dark. In the end though, some of them can forgive him, as it seems, but it doesn't make the hurting go away. As a person, in his achievements, he was truly someone that could be admirable. However, after what he did, it is difficult to wholly be 'forgiving' of him, even not knowing him.

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Re: If Chris had Returned ...

Postby Badnamezak » Thu Dec 19, 2013 2:44 pm

He should have returned to his family or at least tell him what he's doing with his life because it is his life.

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Re: If Chris had Returned ...

Postby Katiefalk » Thu Dec 19, 2013 3:27 pm

Some of these forums ask whether Chris was autistic or if what his drive behind the journey was? The simple fact was nobody could understand why someone who had college paid for and money in the bank would just pick up and leave and travel to different places around America. If Chris would have returned then I think he would have been able to give us a good understanding of why he would just leave and not say goodbye. Who knows, something may have happened as a child to cause him to be the way he wAs. Also was he just trying to become famous? He did leave a trail behind after all, do you think this could have all been planned? Furthermore if Chris had returned all the unanswered questions may become answered but from what I have read so far Chris seemed like he would never be tied down from the government.

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Re: If Chris had Returned ...

Postby Hihellosamm » Thu Jan 02, 2014 3:07 pm

I agree with what Katie said it wasn't that he was autistic it was the simple fact that no one understood his pursuit to find happiness. If he were to return I feel as if he wouldn't be as popular to the rest of the world and the memories the people that had met him would probably not reflect much of him.

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Re: If Chris had Returned ...

Postby WbhsHaynes » Tue Apr 01, 2014 4:48 pm

If Chris would of returned home he probably would of been a different person and not of let anyone help him. When he decided to return he started to get sick was it because of starvation probably not ..... As his journal got further along and by the time he got ready to leave his journals had become more and more strange asking for help because he was the only one there. If you could describe him in one word it would be a Transendenalist /rebel he concurred his journey wanted to come home but did not make it he was a legend in my book and he is a role model that everyone could look up to.

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