wow wow what a guy!!!!

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wow wow what a guy!!!!

Postby gregory » Tue Jul 24, 2012 4:57 am

If only, half the people of this world had the passion for a better way of living in senergy with the natural world like chris had , and really did something for freedom to live an alturnate life,,,,is greater,, than all the achievements OF THE current western standard of living for BANKS,GOVERMENTS,CORPARATIONS and more and bigger is BETTER!!!!!! You get the picture , look at China & India, they are growning so fast and big , they are placing larg carbon footprints that will effect us all on this one earth.......I love, what Chris tried to achieve,which make me , a hipercrite and weak, believe me, I am lasy and selfish and greedy!!!because that is what`s expected of me and rewarded by the system to be such.......o`how shitty it reallly is when MONEY,MONEY is more inportant than people,life and the planet I know because I see it every day in short ...........I hope to change my situation and be more giving and at peace from robbing poor poeple all the time,....AS i am a slave to evil fate cats who use local goverment laws to pursue revanue to support thier high incomes and excess standards of living....BY FOR NOW........................................GREGORY,, AT FINANCE STATE REVANUE ENFORCMENT OFFICE.

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