Haters, why do you hate?

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Haters, why do you hate?

Postby punklovr182 » Fri Jul 13, 2012 10:51 pm

I really want to know. Why do you hate on Chris? I want to hear truly why, not because he was "dumb", not because he was lacking the equipment, lacking common sense, you think he was autistic/retarded or any other reason I heard. I have to be honest once I started reading the book a couple chapters into it, I understand why you might think that. I was baffled, lost for words, why would someone burn their money, abandon their car? But when I finished reading the book, renting the movie and now being a proud owner of the movie, all I want to do is share Chris with the world, respectively. I understand what Chris was trying to do, because I tried to do it too. Chris wanted to get away from his parents and from the supposedly suffocating society. I don't have a problem with society, too much, but I did have a problem with my mom and even though I didn't turn to the wild for support like Chris did, I did move out of the house and ran way to move to TX. I discovered Chris over there, first the book at a garage sale and then I casually found the movie at the video rental store. I cried myself to sleep when I finished watching the movie, it made me realize to stop running and to face my problems head on. Why do you hate Chris? He was a smart, caring and brave young man. I am 23, the age he died in '92. Respectively please explain why you have such a distaste for this young man who tried to live a different life, a life that not even you would dare to live.

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