Looking to make journey to the bus, have questions about Chris

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Looking to make journey to the bus, have questions about Chris

Postby Jules » Wed Jun 07, 2017 2:42 am

I want to start by sharing a little about myself, born and raised in north Ontario Thunder Bay in the country, I grew up running freely through the woods. I carried that extreme love of nature to this day. I also am a humanitarian, musician, and share many interests of Chris. I have some questions about his journey I would really appreciate being answered:

1) what was the situation being Wayne from Carthage that Ron lemouth lead to? Was there a momentary physical or romantic connection, a fight perhaps? He leads up to giving the information anne completing the story but leaves us with "too inflammatory" but wanted to garner our interest no doubt

2) after i read that Chris studied the apartied and was angry that people went hungry and would often give food to homeless and bragged about being able to survive in California with a 5p bag of rice. Is it possible he had a curiosity of starvation? What it felt like? Ron mentioned he saw pictures where Chris documented his wasting away, why would he do that?

3) what books did Chris actually write on and read in the bus? I want to read them before my trip

4) wgat advice do people have who have made the trip?

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