My Son Disappeared Just Like This

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My Son Disappeared Just Like This

Postby Lianaj77 » Tue Mar 14, 2017 8:55 pm

When I saw "Into The Wild," it helped me to understand things about my son better. He walked away from a loving family nearly 3 years ago, refusing society, control, medication, money and went to live on the streets somewhere in the USA. He traveled all over the world for 10 years proving to his family that he could live anywhere without money. Since I've seen this movie, I have wanted to talk with the family and thank them for helping me get through this tough time of losing my son. I believe he is still alive. We have searched and come up with nothing. He became bipolar after a fall from a mountain in Cambodia, and spent years in hospitals overseas. France helped us to get him back to the USA and the State Dept. pulled his passport so that he would remain where he had medical insurance. However, he refused care, treatments, meds, and fled. He has an incredible story that would make an incredible movie, but the research would take place overseas amongst his world wide friends. Christopher Michael Glaser is an incredible soul, and very much like Christopher McCandless. They would have been two peas in a pod traveling together. I'm sad for the family that they lost their boy, but on the other hand, they were able to find out the truth. The lack of knowledge and never knowing is the hardest for all of us. Christopher was that perfect child that you'd want 10 of.... but his teen years changed things. I would love to speak with Carine or Walt & Billie, if only I could have the chance to. My heart bleeds for them, and I think about this movie often and was able to watch it twice, bravely. I post this in hopes that the family will respond to me by email and that we can connect. Our sons were near clones in their ideology, adventurousness, desires......

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Re: My Son Disappeared Just Like This

Postby admin » Sun Mar 19, 2017 10:16 pm

Thanks for sharing your story, I have passed it onto Carine.
Cheers, Adam (admin).

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