My perspective on the Chris McCandless story!

There is a new book by Carine called The Wild Truth. There will be, no doubt, a lot of talk about this book and its contents, so thought I would create a new category for it.
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My perspective on the Chris McCandless story!

Postby supertrampabc » Fri Feb 06, 2015 4:43 pm

Chris McCandless - Into the wild!


From my perspective of the movie and the information that (I have seen) has been presented along with what I have learned in my own life's experience!

Note: The intension of this communication is to be a blessing about how Chris' story effected me according to my understanding of it! And in turn be a BLESSING to the whole family! (NOT to be a further hurt or burden to anyone in the McCandless family!) And I hope it is taken as the blessing it is intended to be!

Chris it seems to me was going through the Biblical "PRODIGAL-SON" phase of his life (that most if NOT all go through in one way or another although in different ways and in different degrees!) leaving his former-life in the world behind who went off into the "far country!" (As did the prodigal-son in the parable of the same name in the Bible) With the father (Who is God in this metaphorical story) of the prodigal-son (& Mother and siblings as well in this case) who waited and longed for the return of his son everyday! Chris seemed to be at that dangerous-age at war within himself (and the world around him and those closest to him that we often feel have either failed us or worse yet that we may have failed them) ware all the personal and collective hurt, pain and confusion of his inner-life converged upon him all at the same time at this stage of his young life!

Wile trying to get away from it all in effect to sort it out or come to terms with it and what it all really meant! And in doing so impetuously he marginalized himself more and more NOT giving himself the time to heal and enter "into the wild" the correct way say as a "mountain-man" would have (making that potential life-long decision) in having the right supplies and training, maps, gear, correct location (that would sustain him with game and fish year-round) and a several year plan and backup plan! (Which he more than had the money and common sense to do) So in "winging- it" as he often did (as the story goes) he placed himself in grave-danger! And at the point when it was to-late realized what he had done to himself and those he loved (in spite of his combined inner and interpersonal conflicts) and when he came to terms with the fact that "Happiness is only real when shared!" . . .

Along with realizing that the outward work of a life in the wild (or outer-freedom) isn't much different than that same outer-freedom of the daily work needed to be done in the world (until it becomes second nature) At that point of realazation it was to-late to reposition-himself and do it the correct way in whatever manner he would choose to go about it in, with this new found understanding that would in time allow him to forgive himself and others wile letting himself be forgiven in allowing his inner-healing to develop itself within! The PRODIGAL-SON era is DANGEROUS at any age and it is very common to all in one way or another! Some just take it to bigger extremes than others do! (Before they realize what they are doing!)

I am glad there was a book and a movie to help others (as well as myself re-think that era of my own-life) see the risks of his struggle and see what NOT to do before it becomes an irreversible decision! Giving to others an example to look to in that time of struggle in there own life when they feel that they have NO-ONE to look to or that they can NOT share what they feel about what they are going through with anyone in feeling isolated and all alone before it becomes all to serious and a possible (fatal) irreversible decision!

But to many young (or even older) people at that stage of inner intense conflict hold it all in and do NOT talk about it and work it out with the people they are in conflict with weather it is perceived, real or imagined! (or all three) Which leads to a self-destructive path and/or pattern of life! I went through a similar stage in my own life around that age! But with my Dad being in the special forces I had a greater understanding and appreciation of survival in the wild and that it was NOT a thing to be taken lightly! Chris wanted to and found his inner-freedom of "leaving the cares of the world behind" before his chosen outer-freedom in the wild was established trying to get them to lign-up in a haphazard way do to internal anger, confusion and lack of inner-healing which caused him to get in way over his head before he could see or appreciate what was really happening to him!

I myself used to think we all lived in the same world just on different levels! But learned as I got older that we all live in completely-different worlds within according to what each one of us think is right for us each on different levels of knowledge, understanding, perception and experience or the lack there of in different ways, levels and degrees all with very different priorities of what is important to us (Verses what should be important to us imposed upon us by others though usually well meaning) that we tend to project onto others as if they were us who often are NOT like us who were created by God to make different choices and go in different directions according to God's will for them which often takes time and much personal-struggle on ones own part searching to find themselves!

In this outer-world ware we are all chasing after money to (solve our problems) exchange for how we safely desire to live out our lives according to who we choose or are being lead to become! But in the end in-being impetus as youth often is in NOT having a map or the proper supplies, provisions. . . Is what sealed his fate! I see this story (in spite of it's tragic-end) along with many others like or similar to it which by and large usually become ONLY statistics that few ever really hear about in any significant way to be a great learning-tool and a blessing for others who go through this PRODIGAL-SON phase of there life at whatever age who are often lost, hurt and confused who (do to ignorance) could also become potential-victims to a similar kind of fate that may help others from making this same kind of error in judgment!

I think Chris himself would say if he could talk to us today that "Because I was so confused and angry I just did NOT think it all through (nor give myself time to heal) as I should have and I walked away from and lost so much of what I didn't even know that I had! Please forgive me!" Chris

This story of your son (and brother to his siblings) placed a heavy weight upon my hart and all that I have written above is intended to be a blessing to those still healing from so GREAT a hurt! That it may shine the light of God's love (who made good come out of it for OTHERS who maybe potentially facing a similar type of fate) to continue the healing-process of Chris' entire family that he and his circumstances left behind to become whole again! I feel that Chris would want wholeness for his entire-family (And second family) to forgive each other and forgive themselves because I feel that Chris himself has forgiven them all already and NOT to continue in strife and division (over the wrong decision that he made for himself) which ONLY comes to kill, steal and destroy!

Sincerely, Supertrampabc


In addition to the healing POWER of the PURE-UNADULTERATED Word of God in it's individual and collective contexts! I would like to let the McCandless family all know of a book by Byron Katie entitled "Loving What is" which (May help everyone in the McCandless family heal in there own time and at there own pace!) is a GREAT resource of healing inner wrong feeling-judgments that we all impose upon ourselves and others! (Whose resources can also be found on YOUTUBE) Which is called "THE WORK" which is a processes of asking yourself four-questions and a turn-around question that unravels those wrong feeling-judgments and preconceived notions that we all make wrongly about ourselves each-other!

It has helped me to be free and see the real truth of what really is rather than what seems right to us that often is NOT through our wrong judgments and pre-conceived notions of what we think is that may or may NOT be another's inner-reality which is often what creates our own personal Hell within and within our-interaction with others in-holding on to those judgments and pre-conceived notions that we create-ourselves unknowingly that we impose upon ourselves and others then blame others for the vicious destructive endless cycle that we are perpetuating by our own thinking, feeling and doing! (On both-sides) I feel that Chris McCandless himself would want healing and wholeness for the whole family (including his father) and is sad that he can NOT be the one to bring it about or be the one to inspire it's happening!

May the entire family continue to receive the blessings of God's healing POWER and the ability to cooperate with his GRACE of FORGIVENESS for both themselves and each-other and Chris! BLESSINGS to all!

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Re: My perspective on the Chris McCandless story!

Postby Cedarhome » Wed Apr 15, 2015 6:49 pm

Why does religion always have to play such a central role in "why" stuff happens? Religion didn't serve the parents well - they hid behind it so the truth wouldn't be known. The bottom line is his parents were not responsible to protect and foster love and respect. To me, Chris wanted to prove to "himself" that he didn't need anyone's help - especially his parents. Maybe because no respect was fostered toward him by his parents - he didn't have enough respect for himself - heading into the wilderness without a topo map. To me, that action says it all. Maybe the reason being he was misguided by his anger and the drive to show himself he could do what he wanted to do - with nothing - not even common sense. Chris left us his truth, which Carine so incredibly shares in her new book. I do believe her book will shed light on the impact of domestic abuse. I wish the kids could sue their father in a civil suite over past atrocities. But in the end - KARMA will get him and Billie also. What goes around, comes around. That's about the extent of my religion.

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Re: My perspective on the Chris McCandless story!

Postby supertrampabc » Sat May 09, 2015 11:43 am

Cedarhome wrote:Why does religion always have to play such a central role in "why" stuff happens? . . .

The TRUTH of the PURE-UNADULTERATED Word of God and what religion(s) has attempted to make it into (with half-truth man made doctrines, dogmas and the like) are two entirely different things! In the END of all things there is ONLY love and forgiveness! (Hatred, revenge and the like leads ONLY to self-destruction!)

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