natural selection

An interesting topic as there seems to be a lot of theories.
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natural selection

Postby alexbatty » Thu Jan 01, 2015 4:37 am

natural selection is the mindless ones who walk into oblivion.careless people who get themselves killed are not to be revered but serve as a lesson to others.foolhardy attitudes lead to trouble.why all this nonsense over a man who ran willy nilly into areas he did not belong.a friend suggested hauling in more food but he knew better and now he is dead.never thought of a map.completely foolish.he had no special aspirations.poser.true humility does not require photos of sanctimonious acts.chris was a nice guy i am sure but he was meant to is just to bad he died of stupidity.he is not worth all this nonsense and blather.i find nothing inspirational about for the child abuse,lightweight stuff.tell the sister who is going on about it to shut up.some of us endured traumatic violence and severe mental abuse.i suffer brain damage from my abuse and listening to that sister makes my eyes hoo. had it lucky.know it.the embarrassment you have caused your family is sad.stop trying to find someone to blame because you are not happy with your lifes direction .your failure is your own.i have studied this whole story and child abuse has nothing to do with wanderlust.chris mc candless died of natural selection.R.I.P.

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