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Recently I started to file the emails from people around the world giving me feedback on the website. I really appreciate your thoughts and comments.

My name is Amalia, I am 16 years old and I am from Sweden. In my class we have just watched the movie "Into the wild", and we have worked a lot with it. We have also worked a lot with your website .
I just want to tell you that I am very impressed of you. Both for the hike to the bus and for your work with the website. The website has helped me understand better how Christopher was, how the hike could be and so on. I loved the photos in the photo gallery! It was also very interesting to read about your hike and your advice to people who wants to do the hike. I don't think ever will do it, you know I live in Sweden and I am not very pushed to sleep outdoors and things like that.
You seem to be a very active and cool person, and that makes me very impressed.
Best wishes, Amalia!

I was so ecstatic when I came across your site.
My name is Ryan and I am 22 years old. I read, and watched Into the Wild over a year ago now, and have been thrilled ever since. I used to live in Philadelphia and recently moved to Boston to live with my gilrfriend, we have started a photography business and have always wanted to travel. I would love to be able to somehow get in touch with Carine or Chris's parents and chat with them about his journeys. I know that I'm sure hundreds of other people have wanted to do this as well, but I would love it so much if I could. I really do take his journey so seriously and see him as a true hero, abandoning everything to go out and really pursue his dream. I would love to hear back from you, if you have any inspirational words about traveling, Chris himself, his family, anything at all.
Thank you so much and I really hope to hear back soon.

Hello, I am a student from a school in France and me and two others friends are working on "Into the wild". That includes to make researches about the real story of Christopher McCandless but also about the movie and the book. So I am asking you if you could help us to know where we could find a copy of Christopher's diaries ou even photos of it. Please answer me, we will be really grateful to help us to obtain a good grade for our High school diploma. :)

Hello maker of the Christopher McCandless site
My name is Dante and i am 16 years old.
I live in Sweden.
I have been working with your'e site during my english lesson project about the movie ''Into The Wild''
I would like to say a few words about the work you put down into this site and the fantastic outcome.
This site is so great. Because after seeing the movie or reading the book you have alot of questions you want anwsered.
And this website anwsers everything. It also shows new things and makes you think differently about Chris' life.
Huge credits to you man, the trail guide makes me really eager to go there sometime.
I have always been very fond about the wild, since I live on the countryside.
I will recommend you and you're site to everyone who has seen the movie.
I think they should put you and your'e site in the sidescrollers after the movie or on the back of the book covers.

Live well
Best regards, Dante

Hi there! I just wanted to tell you what I've think about you'r website. In english class in my school we watched the movie Into The Wild and now for a couples of week we have worked with some questions about the movie. My teacher maked some questions out from the movie were you could find the answers on you'r web site. This work have worked out well because the good information you have put up on you'r website. The information is very good I think, and it's not hard to understand you'r writing in the text. You are using a good language. Sure there are some spellmisstakes but's that all. If you compare you'r information about Christopher McCandless and the information you get about Chris McCandless in the movie there are no bigger difference. There are one thing that is better with you'r website and that is that you've got little more information about his family, little more background information about Chris. And you write in a easy understanding way. And the information you have wrote at the website is truth, no fake fact. And you have also formed the website in a good way. It is a good website for they who want's to know a little bit more about Chris, the writer, and you also get some experience from you that is little like Chris goal with life.

Hi, in your website, under the movie section of Into the Wild, it says that the actor who played Chris was actually wearing the same watch that Chris had given to Jim Gallien just before he went down Stampede Trail. I was wondering if you had any detail about what kind of watch it was. Thank You.

Good call my friend.......

Hell o my name is Jessica Thomas I was just on the Chris forum page and they were saying that the magic bus is being removed. i was wondering if this is accurate??
let me know, thanks.

Good job on the website. Read Into The Wild years ago. Watched the movie, listened to the soundtrack. A story that has affected my life and one I couldn't shake off if I tried. Thanks for the effort.

I just watched the movie for the first time last night. I've had the dvd for several months and for some reason just didn't want to watch it. I think the timing was perfect.
I am very moved by what Chris did and believe that he died a happy man, with a great deal of understanding. I understand why he did what he did. I did something similar, although not so dangerous, at least I wasn't in the wilds of the Alaskan wilderness! But I grew up in a very dysfunctional home with a lot of alcohol and drug abuse and a lot of money and I felt as he did about the material world and society for a long time.
I left my family and went to India and different places without seeing them for quite some time, years. I wanted nothing to do with them because I had been hurt. I wanted to get free of the attachments that I felt were killing my spirit. So, I did what I did and I also found peace and understanding; am still in the process of growing, trying new things. In the last year I have begun to understand how important relationships are, that God speaks to me not just in silence, alone, but also through others. I'm grateful for this.
Just wanted to share it w/you and I really love the website you've made and reading about you. Good luck to you and thanks again.
Oh! I also believe in reincarnation -- if it is true, if Chris comes back, I'm sure he'll have a great life. He may be back already. Who knows???
Kind regards,
Terry in Texas

hi there my name is kyle,
im from toronto looking to go to the magic bus. but im a little concerned, cause i believe that i might be going by myself. do you think that is a bad idea?

How I started out reading a story about the "eco-terrorist" that took over the Discovery Channel in the US to finding a link about a young man (Christopher McCandless) that gave up everything to go on an adventure is amazing to me.
I just wanted to tell you what a beautiful tribute you set up for Christopher McCandless. Low key, factual, and from the heart.
I also enjoyed your personal history, that you shared. The bit about being in a job with everyone complaining, but too scared to make a move, really hit home. Hopefully, I will play the part of you and get out.

Hi, my name is Lorenzo Pianosi and I'm writing you from Italy, Pesaro (center - east) to be more precise.
First of all I'd like to thank you for your great work on the site about Christopher, it's really well done with a lot of informations and pictures.
I'm 33 years old, and I went through Chris' story first by the movie some months ago. I was shocked. From that time this great story rolls in my mind and to be honest it's still like a really obsession. I can't take my mind out of this. I think for you has been the same. I read a lot about him through your site, the memorial one, wikipedia, Krakauer's book and I noticed that you're going out with a new book "Back to the wild" soon. Can you confirm about it? If so, are you thinking about an Italian version of it? I'm telling you this becouse, of course, Chris' story is followed all around the world, Italy included. If you are thinking of this version, I could, for free of course, treat the translation in our language. I'm not a professionist and of course my english is not perfect, but I think that my heart and I could do a very good job. I'm not looking for money, I just think that this kind of work will let me be closer to Chris, maybe it's just my nonsense....
Please apologize me for losing your time, take my proposal as serious, and if it'll turn in no deal, I'll have my personal English copy of the book.
Take care, I wish you all the best and to ready to pay the price to make your dreams come true.

Hope you are fine wherever you are and enjoying your pleasant life with your family.
I recently watch the movie "Into the wild".After watching the movie,i just want to explore something more about Chris,so i Google it and fortunately i found your website,especially dedicated to Christopher.
Thanks from the depth of my heart for your extraordinary work and i too have decided if Allah wills to visit the bus in which the Alex died.
Kind regards,
Mohammad Rizwan

Hi my name is Paul, Im not planning to do what Chris did, I have done lots of research to help me survive my wilderness trip, its not gonna be exactly what Chris did but similar and for different reason, also I dont think Ill be lucky enough to find a bus but it would be great if I did. Anyways, I think its really cool that you made a website for him and I wanted to know if you had any advice for me, or If you know anymore of the story that was not put in the movie? The main thing Im worried about is the bear attacks that I might encounter. If you have any advie for me please let me know. Thank you

I am a bachelors student from India, watched Into the wild for the first time yesterday. I am speechless after seeing the movie and went through your website. You have done a great job compiling everything. It has given me a new way of thinking and taking things. My heart goes out for Chris.
May he his soul rest in peace.

Its been great to meet with a person, who is faimlliar with chirs, i'm in love with him since long days.. i want to know what sort of books he love to read, can u please tell me?

Greetings ......
My name is Ricardo, I am from Mexico, your site is great, has very interesting information about Chris. Since I knew the story of Chris Mccandles I tried to get all sorts of information about him, I have the DVD the book in Spanish and English, but had never seen real pictures of real chris, Thanks for your information, I would also like to find the article that Jon Krakauer wrote about him if you get it share it.
If you one day visit the magic bus share the photos and videos, I hope to go someday.
Thanks for the site.
Atte. Ricardo

I just wanted to thank you for putting this website together. I read Into the Wild over 13 years ago and it profoundly changed my life. I really wanted to share my story with Christopher McCandless' family. By any chance, do you have an address for his family? I want to let them know that his story inspired me, gave me hope, and saved me from the worst moments in my life.
Thank you,

hi theremy name is Adam, i live in azi have been searching around online for chris's original journal entries, but i cant find anything!i was wondering if you know where i can find the journal, if its been published at all>?thanks a lotadam singer

Hi there!im just wondering if the journal that Christopher wrote in was everreleased and if so where could I find it?Thanks

Have you ever been to the142 bus, if you have what was it like? what did it feel like?
thank you

Hi there, My wife and I were at the bus on June 18, 2010. It was an incredible experience and wanted to say we really appreciate your website. David & Kelley

I recently watched the movie Into the Wild and got inspired and obsessed with the story…. I just cannot get over this excitement….I have not done anything from the day I saw the movie up to now, but searching for the details of the real Christopher Maccandless…..
Like you, I too was given a new sense of being by this story….
I just want to say hello to you……..Christopher is no more with us. But, it is great to know that there are people who admire him and make great efforts to keep his story alive…….
Thanks a lot!!! I have been reading everything on the site since today morning. I fell fulfilled for the day. I am going to order the book. Here in my country this book is not available.
You have done a great job.
Do you mind my asking of if you are an American?
Sri Lanka.

The blog is excellent, I find it very interesting the story of chris

Hi there,
I m writing this with heart felt regrets to Christopher McCandless end. It certainly made me to narrate a few words after watching the movie and I googled to know the real life of Christopher McCandless and found this site with his history and am one like you who had been inspired by his true story.
I greatly appreciate for developing such a website in remembrance of Christopher McCandless and to me n for all he had left a message with his living in the wild that one can make his dream come alive and be possible even the impossible that most of us think off.
Let his soul rest in peace.
Thanks & Regards

I read yesterday that Rush Limbaugh said that they should do away with school lunches and if poor children were hungry enough they should go to McDonalds and go through the dumpsters for "leftovers".
Then I read what some of the people(Alaskans, mostly)said about Chris. Listen, most of us don't have the guts to follow our dreams, to take chances or put it all on the line. Heroes are just like us. The only difference is that they do things while the rest of us just talk.
Thanks, Chris, for filling the unforgiving minute that was your life with 60 seconds of distance run.

Dear Felllow Pilgrim:
Thankyou for making the info on the website available.
This family has just lost a member who was brutally murdered on 22,July, 2009 while camping in a lovely wooded area in Ocoee, FL.
He, like Chris wanted to live a little differently than the "norm" of the society.
We miss him greatly.
Joel D. Boner was 30 years old at the time of his murder.
Thankyou again and remember Jesus Christ is life and truth.

HI Adam,
I have a 1996 verson of "Into the Wild" by Jon Krakauer, and there is only one small picture of Chris, black and white, on the second page, the rest is all text. There are a few pencil maps.
I have contacted several book stores regarding other versions of Krakauer book, and none of them have any with the pictures I seen.
Either it was a short print, limited edition or a book about Chris from another author.
I will keep looking for it, and will keep an eye open for the new book.

Hello, I'm a german girl and want to write a work about Into the wild (the book, the movie and the real story of Christopher McCandless). I think your website is very interesting and I wanted to ask youyou were so kind to tell me some links or books where you've got your information from?! Thank you very much :)tanja

Hi, I am one of the people who is inspired by Chris Mccandless.I am from Taiwan where is in Asia.And I also have a family already butstill have so many things and dreams inside my mind.I just want to say THANK YOU for making this website for all the people like me.I am so curious of him and your website gave me a very good memory ofhim because it has the most details of him and pictures.Thank you so much to let us have a place to memorize him. By the way, your boy is very cute! Rose ,Taiwan,Asia

hello my name is alex im in tenth grade and i wanted to do what Christopher McCandless did for as long as i can talking to my school and a CTC program to get me to alaska,i was thinking maybe fish and wildlife surv.i would love it if you could maybe talk to someone or yourself write me back and see what we could do to get me out of the lower 48. im sorry that i asked alot right there but i want to explore more then my own backyard there is more out there in my eyes that i could paint if i seen but i havent got that far yet
thank you for reading this
Alex "j.k.livin j is for just k is for keep" matthew

I just watched Into the Wild and it brought back the memories of first seeing the
story of Christopher McCandless in the News Miner and subsequently reading
the book.

Immediately after watching any movie based on a true story I habitually search
the internet to see how accurate they were and am most often disappointed that
the story teller felt the facts weren't good enough to leave alone.

During my internet search I happened upon your excellent site and of all the various
pages I searched out and read two stood out as must see sites for anyone really
wanting to find out more about Chris, who he was, and what actually happened.

One more site you may want to link to is the very compelling one put together
by the maker of the (other than the unfortunate naming) very well done done
documentary, The Call of the Wild.

Here's a link for one of the best reads on the site.

Thanks again for the great job and service to any of us caught up in the
interest of Chris McCandless life and death.


My 18 year old son has been completely infatuated with Christopher McCandless ever since he
Saw the movie when it came out.
All he has planned for his future is follow in his footsteps.
Being a mother who obviously sympathized with Chris’s family am looking for resources
To deter my soon on his quest as I so do not want to experience what Chris’s family
Experienced after he left.
Is there anywhere I could obtain information on Chris’s final writings that might show
Some regrets or what he wished he had done differently?

Hi, I just watched "Into The Wild" today and decided to do a little internet research on Chris McCandless. I came across your website and after clicking thru all the pages, was quite impressed with how touched you were by his story and the work you put into the site. Just wanted to say thank you! All the best, ~~Vanessa

I'm so glad to see you made this site for Chris. I don't know how it all passed me by in these years, but I only found out about him a few weeks ago, when the movie was on TV. I went out and rented the DVD to watch it again, I was so taken by him, by it all. Then I read the book, in the past 2 days by Jon Krakauer. I couldn't put it down & sobbed at the end when his parents went to the bus, walked all around, and Billie found a pair of his jeans, a spoon from her own set in Annandale, wriitngs & other things. I was so glad they found some peace in going there, knowing how painful this was for them. I can't begin to know that pain nor would I ever want to. I can only say, their son has done something for so many, it wall wasn't in vain. His story has deeply impacted me, but that would take too long to explain.
I wondered if you can help me, so I can send the family a card. I want to send them a really beautiful card, tell them how much Chris means to me, a virtual stranger out here, and to thank them, because he really did something powerful for me, and, so many, as I said. I can't find a complete address, though I did find a Sam McCandless in Anandale, VA, no street address & I found a Billie McCandless in Arizona. The ages would seem right. No mention of Walt anywhere, so I did wonder if he died. Is there any way, on the internet or via an address, you help me that I can send them a card? This is something I really want to do, though I realize, they must have been swamped with mail. I'm just so moved by Chris.
Thank you for any help.

Dear Sir, I wanted to thank you for the point of view you shared in your website about the movie "Into the Wild" and its rather heartbreaking hero. I guess the wilderness can mean different things to different people, and you hope to somehow conquer yours rather than get lost in it and finally succumb. Mr. McCandless reminded me of a dear friend of mine who died unexpectedly and a bit mysteriously just over a year ago. He too had strong, clear ideas, was drawn to the pure and the bold, and struggled to shed a troubled family. That can be the work of a lifetime. My wilderness is leaving my old career in television, where I could see I was spending way too much energy whining, and starting a new career at an inconvenient time, young son in tow. Hard but good to make changes in life, as you no doubt know and as we saw from this man's life, which I'm so glad found its way into a great film. I appreciate your response to it, which his helped me figure out my own. Best wishes and kindest regards,Lisa

Less than a year ago I watched a movie called Into The Wild, and it truly changed my life. It depicts the real life story of Christopher McCandless and the road that he took to follow his dreams. After watching it I researched him online, and read everything I could find. He had a dream to go into the wilderness, and to truly live off the land. To find true happiness without the materialistic influences that the world tells us are needed to survive and be happy. His story has influenced the person I am today. Not because he simply followed his dreams, but because he had the courage and strength to follow his heart.
Chris defied every expectation that society put on him, and he did what he wanted. In the end, he lived a happy life, and died following his heart. Of all the people in the world that I can choose as my hero, I chose Chris. He was determined, strong physically and emotionally, intelligent, and had a big heart. He found inspiration in the books he read, and the wilderness that surrounded him. I am similar to Chris in many ways, and I am lucky that his story became so famous.
Statistics tell me I will be divorced, most likely have a substance abuse problem, and its likely that I get some form of cancer. Society tells me that I will give into the pressures that face every young person in the United States, and I should have already had one or more children. However, I do not have a substance abuse problems, I have not had any children, and I am healthy. I have made a timeline for myself, just like Chris, and I will make my dreams come true.
The first stop on my list is college, and to work hard to get a degree in social work and/or human services. I want to be the person that I know I can be, and in order to make that happen I need a degree. I want to have people look up to me, I want to make my family and friends proud with the things I do with my life. I will make all of this happen, with the help of Florida State. One day when I look back on the road that took me to my dreams, the people and the experiences I will have at your school will come to mind. I will be able to thank you for helping me reach for my dreams, and giving me the education I needed.
I know that colleges must get thousands of applications and essays explaining why applicants should go to their school, and I know that I am average in a lot of ways. However, the strength and conviction in the essay I wrote will stick out. The impression I make, will last. The determination and passion I have to attend Fla State will leave its mark. I am the ideal candidate, and I will work as hard as I can. This is one stop on the road. It will be stressful, and it will push me harder than I’ve ever been pushed. However, in the end it is not about the destination, it is the road that a person takes to get there. Like Chris said in his journal, “The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.”
Thank you,

My name is Frédérique and since I just spent a bunch of time on your Website, I figured out I’d drop you a few lines. What a wonderful and moving work you’ve done, congratulations.
I discovered the story of C. McCandless through the Sean Penn movie.
I truly appreciated your researches and comments, and simply wanted to thank you for sharing your knowledge and emotions through your website. I admire the way you’ve done it and the time and effort you put into it.
Cheers, and Happy New Year !

Hello. I want to thank you for the website and information you put together on Mr. McCandless. I too was profoundly affected by the story and the book. Finally seeing the story in film, further cemented the change it had upon me. It actually inspired my first trip to Alaska to experience first-hand the allure and wonderment of the land.
Anyway, just a thank you.

hey, adam.
i saw the film for the first time on PBS on monday evening.
it was powerful, understated, and provided perspective that has not been contemplated previously.
i hadn't thought of the mccandless story for many years, but after seeing the film, i felt compelled to do a little on-line research.
that's how i came across your website.

it sounds like you have traveled some interesting roads yourself...
it's always fun to come across others that share that longing for adventure.
coincidentally, i grew up (and still live) in south dakota, not far from carthage, SD, mentioned in the story.
i've been here all my life and have never taken my "journey".
i'm a geologist by profession, employed by the government, and as i approach my 36th birthday, i'm anticipating giving it all up- money, security- to embark on my journey.
in fact, i'm planning on giving my notice this week, buying a ticket to italy, and heading there to learn how to bake bread, after which i plan to return to the states and open my own business...
it's no alaskan wilderness... but a wilderness of sorts...
i feel like for the first time, it will be me against the world...
perhaps that is why i have been drawn, once again, to the mccandless story.

again, thanks for sharing your website.

Thanks for creating the Chris McCandless website. I think it's amazing how his story resonates with people all over the world! I guess we all have the urge to get away, or get "lost" when life seems unfullfilling, and our passions must be bridled and contained so often in everyday life. What an amazing feeling to be free from all that binds us down. But I agree with you, I wouldn't want to be without my kids, (3 boys). I was just wondering- why don't you comment on the forums?? You seem to have a lot of insight and understanding of Chris, and his frame of mind, motives, wanderlust, etc...
Thanks again!

After watching Into The wild for the first time tonight I found your website. It is very interesting. Chris's story is almost unimaginable. It borders on the line between....I can't even find words....admiration and sheer lunacy maybe??? I have a tremendous amount of respect for him but find it sad he never saw his family again.
I was wondering about the newspaper article that said "Madison Call Helps Solve Hiker Mystery". Do you know what that was about?
Thank you for your help and I really enjoyed your site,

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