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Recently I started to file the emails from people around the world giving me feedback on the website. I really appreciate your thoughts and comments.

Hey Adam, Great site you have build! Really like it. Good information and catchy story... Keep up the good work! Do you know if the diary and journal are somewhere to download? Greetz from Maastricht in the Netherlands [where's that? Europe indeed]. Etienne

to be short. My name is Ivan Solis. I am currently attending a University in San Diego California majoring in engineering. But I have always wanted to contact Chris's family or Jon Krakauer to know how much Chris's story has impacted my life. He did not die in vain, let me tell you. His story of true meaning to life, has inspired me so much. At a time of depression, his story had waken my sleep.
My mom use to tell me she never knew what depression was until she came to America (she was raised and born in Mexico). I know believe this, as I believe that this capitalist system has blinded us from being impressed from the most simple things in life. People like Isaac Newton, would have never derived so many calculus formulas if it wasn't for his dedication of observation to life. Now, no one can observe life because we have so many distractions, let alone find the true meaning to life. I am planning to be an engineer but I have this desire of exploring life and letting go of all my material. I used to think I was crazy, but now I think its better to be crazy since this is what it takes to be happy. My respects to McCandless and I respect him up in the scale as figures like Gandhi and MLK. God Bless his soul and may he rest in peace.
I hope I can still get a hold of Mr. Krakauer to share my story in depth.

Hey Adam,
Thanks for your website on Alexander Supertramp (Christopher McCandless). I am a vagabond turned writer who is building a website and would like to link it to yours.

Hi guys, Just a quick email to say that i think it is a brilliant thing that you are working so hard on back to the wild. I cannot wait for it to be released. like millions others i have been so touched and inspired by this truly remarkable young man and his adventures. Keep up the good work and really looking forward to the release. God bless and thanks Dave (Bristol, England, UK)

Hi, Adam. I feel the same way you do about the story of Chris McCandless. It has changed my life in some ways. I just watched the Sean Penn movie and have been digging around the internet a lot doing research; obviously, I still need to read the Krakauer book and watch the documentary.But the story resonates with me and I've thought of little else since watching the Penn movie. Here is my question: the movie -- and i know it is just a movie -- took a pretty firm position as to Chris's parents. It demonized them. I was surprised to see the parents credited at the end of the movie -- and maybe somewhat impressed they would assist in the making of the movie given its portrayal of them, particularly Walt and his abusive ways. On your site, you have an introduction to the new photos with a long statement by Walt and Billie talking about what a healthy family they had and how Chris was exposed to his half-siblings from an early age. I am pretty sure the movie made it seem like Chris was totally unaware of his half-siblings until he went to California in his late teens; maybe I got that wrong. Are you worried about people who might see your working with Walt and Billie as revisionist spin? Are you concerned that you might be seen as an accessory to the parents' desire to try to recast themselves in a more favorable light, particularly after the movie's portrayal of them? Did the movie get them that wrong? This is a fascinating topic to me. There are many unanswered things about McCandless. The movie left some things open to interpretation. I even read somewhere a theory that Chris was schizophrenic or had those tendencies. Certainly, his sister found out about the half-siblings and did not react as extremely as Chris. I'd love to hear your thoughts on all this. Peter Cleveland, OH

I have been deeply touched by Chris McCandless's story. So much so that I have purchased some of the books that he had with him so I too could realize what exactly his journey was fueled by (ie. Tolstoy, Thoreau, Pasternak, etc). "Into the Wild" is one of the most inspirational books I've ever read. When I heard that there is another book about McCandless, I jumped at the opportunity of reading it. However, I can not find the book anywhere online. Could someone tell me where I can get the book?
Thank you very much,

I am a little dismayed with your site. Chris "Mc" was in all likelyhood a mentally ill human being. The bus(as stated by your video" was not for "construction" but an old mining bus, one of few left behind for hunters. I, for 3 seasons was a atv tourguide down stampede trail. I watched the hordes of young inexperienced "kids" trod there way to the bus, and more often than not beg for a ride back. My second season in 2008 I took a dare....this was, to say the least one of the most miserable and stupid feats in my life. I lived in the public land in the summer of 2008, remembered as the coldest, wettest summer in 40 yrs....dumb. I was in the US Army for 4 1/2 years, airborne qualified and jungle school qualified in Fort Sherman Panama. NOTHING could have prepared me for the alaskan "Bush".No one with any experience or mental faculty would attempt what Chris "Mc" did. It's all well and good to be in awe of the virgin wilderness which exists in Alaska, but mindfully ALL should pay respect to it's brutality. Dreams are wonderful, blind, ignorant dreams are foolish. Plus, as a guy who lived in Denali, I know Butch, I've hiked to the bus, I know the trail, I am mindful of the peril. There are no bragging rights for challenging Alaska, if the untrained decided to fight exhibition with a UFC fighter like Silva we would call them foolish. I am jungle trained, military trained, but, I'd take an insect,cayman, bacterialogicol threat any day over Denali wilderness. Odds are good sir you saw me pass you by on the trail. If one was to look for "bragging rights" move to Colorado and hike a fourteener.
Most sources site 200 hikers to the bus since his death, it is probably that many annually.
Sincerely, Zane

Hi Adam,
I just finished the book "into the wild" and quickly followed that up with the film. An inspiring story, I can see you already know reading your site, which made me check out the web and quickly came across your's.
The effort and enthusiasm of your own investigation into making this site available for people, including myself, has been a pleasure to read. I've now engrossed myself into this story and the opening quote,in the film, from lord Byron is as true to me as any literature I have read, but like yourself would find it extremely difficulty to lose contact with those closest to me. Although I am very keen on discovering nature at its purist and quite often find myself annoyed at human's at there purist, i have a fiancée and a daughter and separation from either would cause me great discomfort. So i definitely do not think I would be able to go on a journey in search of the magic bus, at least until my child and future children are closing in on adolescence. Is it true the bus is being removed?
I was also wondering if/when is your own book out and how closely you worked the family on this. I can only imagine how cut up they could be about the nature of there sons death.
I'd like to thank you for the site as its more informative than i'd ever thought imaginable.
Kind Regards

hi Adam Read this is Vimal,living in germany, and some days ago seeing the film for thefirst time and was electrified by Alexander the Great Supertramp ,thistime not conquering the world but ones own Self ... i do researching in history and astrology and therefore it would be veryhelpfull to have his exact birthtime i would appreciate a lot if you could help along with it ... thanks in advance ... sumergosum

Hello, There are a few things I wanted to know having to do with the book. What made your son want to travel to Alaska? Was he introverted and withdrawn growing up? Cause I'm in high school, not meaning I'm a loner, I have friends but sometimes I feel like people don't really matter too much in the scheme of things. People just bore me to death. Eventually it just pisses me off. It's like every single person is just a carbon copy of the last. Which makes me think that Chris might have been the same way. He just wanted to get away and enjoy gods beauty in isolation not wanting anything to do with people

Hello! My name is Kel. I am a college student who is currently reading the story "Into The Wild" for my Com 102 class. We were told to make a choice on wheather or not Chris McCandless was crazy. Personally, I do not think he was crazy, just a bit unsettled and unsure of where he belonged. I was wondering if by any chance you could help me out and maybe give me your own personal view on Chris McCandless and some supporting reasons.
This would be very helpful if you can find time to do this.
On a side note your website helped me out too, so thank you for that.
Thank you for your time,

Dear Adam,
I have just saw the movie "In to the Wild" which describes the life of Chris McCandless by yesterday and im very much impressed by that movie.As i google about Chris today morning i ended up in your website which gave me more information about Chris and the portraits of him.I thank you for the giving us such a wonderful website and i also wish you all the best for you to do what you want to do as you said in the site.Thank you.............

Dear Sir or Madam My name is Alvin, a student that is deeply touched by the poignancy ofthe adventure of Chris McCandless If I were allowed to take one thingoff his character, it would be his admirable courage to live the lifehe has imagined; as opposed to the majority of people who sit inpassivity for dreams to strike. I would not have the opportunity toencounter this book had it not for my English teacher who introducedour class "Into The Wild" by John Krakaeur in the summer of 2010. Ihave then been grateful for the opportunity to have read this book andcome to know Chris, but the sad thing is I am going to graduate in theJune to come and i would very much hope to have attained a gift(eithera DVD or a book) by then. My question is if it is possible for theearliest release to come out by june so that i have the time tobook/buy one? Thank you very much SincerelyAlvin

Hi Adam,

My name is Priscilla, I´m 30 and live in São Paulo, Brazil.

I checked the "into the wild" in the movie theather in July 2008.
I was not expectating anything and I it was an amazing movie! Beautifull images of Alaska, a touch true story! I had many questions inside me: Why he did it? What moved him?Who exactly was him?

I´ve just finished reading the Jon Krakauer Into the wild book!! (Don´t ask me why I took so long to finish reading...) I went to the internet to found out more about it and I found your website!! Nice real pictures!! Congratulations!!!

The book answered me most of the questions I had. I admire Chris McCandless for everything he did except the fact he drop off his family.
I`m not an adventuress woman, not at all! When you are your twenties (years old) some of us need to get lost sometimes in order to find ourselves. When you are twenty you have no fear, life seems to be full of possibilities (we have no prudence)... I would never do anything like he did but I appreciate the way he follow his heart, his struggle to achieve his dream and he was definetly brave! I really wish he could be alive. I really wish he could had held on for more 19 days till the 6 alaskans appeared around the fairbanks bus in August 1992...

Congratulations for the site!

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