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Recently I started to file the emails from people around the world giving me feedback on the website. I really appreciate your thoughts and comments.

I’m really wondering how the magic bus ended up there?
Do you know the answer? We couldn’t find any information about it!
Thanks so much in advance
Kind Regards,

I am inspirited by your website about chris mcandless, i am doing a report about him for school
If you have any really good information about him. email me back

I saw this film last night and did not sleep well. All of today, I cannot stop thinking about Christopher and his family.
I have been so touched by this film.
The pain that his mother went through, and the realisation and pain of his dad too. I feel also for his poor sister who was so close to him; how all this must be
affecting them now.
I too am a mother with a teenage son – he is 18 and was born on August 19th 1992 (perhaps even the day Chrsitopher died?)
My son hopes to travel back packing around Australia. I pray that he will come home safe.
The message in the film is beautiful but so sad.
Is the book going to be as painful and sad?
It is so true, forgiveness brings love, and love brings light. Happiness should be shared- and I’m sure that he is doing that right now.
My blessings to Christopher and his family. He was a true gift.
I will include them in my prayers.
Best wishes

hi adam saw your site on chrisi was wondring if your book is going to have the detailsabout that chris did have a map and idenification an money with him?i ask becouse i think the truth should be told that he was not on a death so many people say that he was. rather on a human discovery of what has been lost in humanityi feel the book an movie that penn did changed the truth of someone who would be veryangry that his story was changed for hollywood...i think chris was a very inteligant man with a lot of talentand his story is to save us from internal death. i wish you well in your bookand look forward to reading it bryan poitano
I just wanted to say thank you for the website you have created forChris Mccandless! I saw the movie and read the book and it has reallytouched my heart. I am still trying to figure out my life and themeaning and for some reason this whole story has just really touchedmy heart. Thank you for everything. Brigid

When I thought I would iike to send an email it was with the family in mind, but now I realise it's just to express how much I loved the film . the song society has changed my life for the best forever. thnaks maura

Dear sir
At first I’d like to say that I really like your website a lot! It gave me much information about Christopher Johnson McCandless.
You might consider me as one of the many people who see a bit of themselves in Chris’s life or story but I feel like there’s more that attracts me to the stort of his life. That’s why I’m constantly looking for things I don't know yet. I want to know more about who he was, what music he listened to, what people he got in touch with, how he felt about certain things, and so on.. I know this is almost impossible to accomplish, but I will continue my search ‘for the rest of my life’. What I’m trying to ask is, if you know anyway to get the information I need? People I can get in touch with (that knew Chris), books I should read, sites I should visit, ... I would also like to offer a few pictures that I found of Chris, that aren’t on your website yet. If you would like to have them, I wouldn’t mind mailing them to you, so you can upload them If you feel like it.
I hope I don’t bother you with my request, but I just can’t let the McCandless story go.
Thanks a lot in advance
A true Chris McCandless admirer

Good morning,when I can buy the book and the DVD of Chris? I'd love to see things from his point of view, I admire him very much; so many people, including myself, would like to have the courage to do the things he has done.For me Chris is a great man. I apologize for my English...I hope that is not a problem. Thank you, good bye. Marcella

Good evening,
First off, I'd like to start by saying that I am a huge Chris McCandless fan. I would go as far as saying the man is the equivalent to Buddha to me. And that your website is brilliant.
My reason for writing to you is that I have been aware of a new book about Chris, "Back to the Wild", for some time now, but it seems it is still not available to buy. Do you know when it will be released, and will it be available in the Uk? The problem is, is that I intend to cycle around Europe from February and would love to have this book with my on the cycle, so I'm hoping it comes out prior to my leaving so I can purchase a copy.
Have a good day,

Hi Adam,
I just wanted to thank you for doing such a great job with that Chris McCandless website.
I live in France, and just like every person who watched the "into the wild" movie, or read the book, the story of Chris just changed my vision of life.
I discovered so many things I wanted to know about this passionating story on your website, and I was so curious to see the real pictures Chris took during his trip.
Thanks a lot for making me discover this story in a deeper and more authentic way than the movie did.
Thanks for the work, I'm gonna let all my facebook contacts know about your website, who, i hope, will appreciate as much as I did.
Take care, and thanks again.
Julien from France.

Hi! My name is Hakim Zaimi, I'am from Algeria and yesterday I saw the movie: Into the wild, which tells the story of Christopher McCandless and I have to say that I was really affected, this is first time that a film makes me cry. This guy has given up everything to fulfill his wildest dream, and to live wherever he wanted and how that would. Finally he realized something very important about happiness, but alas it was a price too high for my taste but not for him, I am sure! I dream to be like him, I dream to accomplish what he has done and I dream to feel what he felt at any time, even the hardest but I know that I'll never. Finally, I saw on the internet that history as told in the film has been criticized and controversial. Me, I believe, I want to believe in this version because it seems so magical and poetic, even if the end seems sad, this is meaningful end and this is a very important message for humans:
happiness only real when shared

Thank you for the website!

Hello Adam, this email has no real importance. Only that I was truly moved by this story, with mixed emotion. Inspiration, and hurt. After reading the book, accounts, and seeing the film I feel like I was part of his life, I feel I knew him. Purely for these reasons alone I feel it is a one in a million story. I think it’s brilliant how you are keeping his story alive, and forever let people realise what a truly inspiring character Chris was. I only recently discovered him as my birthdate was the year he was born, and I am from England, UK.
Thanks for your time Adam.

Dear Adam Thank-you for your lovely website -- you say you are not a writer but as a professional writer myself can I tell you it's superb, you write as if you speak. I hope you don't mind me writing to you, and don't worry if you are too busy to reply but I wanted to ask if it's normal for Chris's story to have a profound impact on those who hear it? I only ask because my son (he's 18) bought the DVD of the film and made us watch it last weekend. Since then I have not been able to stop thinking about it, reading about Chris on the internet and, sorry to say, crying. Crying and crying but hopefully not in a bad way. I feel as if it's opened a deep well of something inside me and I don't know what. In your opinion, is it because Chris took on the ultimate test of himself and that's something so many of us avoid? Or is it because he showed that, in the main, you can live for long periods of time virtually without all the things we are supposed to want, like money and possessions? I don't think I'll ever hike the Stampede Trail (is that feeble?!) but reading Chris's story has made me think more deeply than ever about my life and what I might like to do with it. It's not the same, I know, but I have signed up to the 43things (stuff to do before you go) website, I suppose in partial tribute to Chris and will try and achieve as much of them as possible. Reading his story, and your website, has made me realise that I've spent too much time playing safe and should take more risks and challenges. So thank-you to Chris, whose legacy must surely be the inspiration he will give to all who come to learn of him. And of course, thank-you to you, for bringing such an affectionate, honest and rounded portrayal of Chris to the wider world. With kindest regards and good luck with the new book (it will sell and sell) Faith (British mum, 45)

HI Adam!
How are you?
My name is Stefan and im from Sweden . Im very touched by the story of Chris McCandless and as soon as i´ve turned 18 and have become a free man im going to hike the swedish mountains for some time to come . Anyways , my question is : The piece och plywood that Chris wrote on , does it exist today and is there any photos of it? If so I would love you to send one!
Cheers From Sweden!!

Hi Adam,
Came across your website dedicated to Chris McCandless. I have been a fan since I read the book a few years back and wanted to say good work on the site- it has great information and pictures that I have not seen anywhere before.
I also thought I might give you the link to a really great book I have read about a man who built a cabin in the Alaskan wilderness
He is quite Thoreau like in his approach and the book and documentary that is based on it are worth watching.
Thanks again for the website.

Hey Adam,
I came across your website when I was curious to see if it is possible to read Chris McCandless's actual journal that he gave to Wayne Westeberg. I absolutely love the movie and I decided to pick up the book and Chris has made a huge impact on me as I can tell he has with you. I just try to view life differently and wish I had the courage to do some of the things he did, but maybe not necessarily to the same extreme. So I was wondering if you knew if there is any possibility that I can get a hold of his journal?

Hi Adam,
I think your web site dedicated to this young man is a great tribute to him. I watched the movie shown on TV over here in the UK last night and was moved enough to search for him on the web...I have experienced living in remote locations here in Scotland and I suppose when watching the film I felt there was some 'Empathy' with his story...Thank you for keeping his spirit alive...My very best wishes to you and your family for a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful 2011..............
Kind regards,

Dear Adam,
My name is Rianne and I just watched the incredible movie Into the Wild. Fascinated by the story and by Chris, I Googled his name. I came across your website and I must say you did an amazing job!
The thing that I really enjoyed about the movie is that it is not just a movie like all the others. It shows the story of a man who wants to experience life in it's true form. And I wish more people would think like that. People tend to forget what life is really about and they let their mind focus on mere material things and money! All they care about is getting more and more and more money! But what they should care about is how to make this amazing world a better place for all of us, rich or poor or black or white! We are all born innocent and we all have the same basic needs.
I have travelled a lot and I hope to see more of this beautiful world as I grow older! Would like to come to America, never been there. Because I just graduated from my University I am now looking for cheap ways to travel, alone (maybe not, who knows) and with the knowledge that you are never really alone.
God bless! And, who knows, maybe we will meet one day!
Met vriendelijke groet,

Hey name is Philip Noone im 15 and from Dublin Ireland.ever since I saw into the wild and found out the bus was still there I have wanted to go there.Now I don't know if this is true but I heard that starbucks were gonna buy the bus and turn it into a pit stop for traveler's. I highly doubt that this is true but when I heard this it worried me.if you could tell me if this is true,I would be very greatfull. If you don't got the time I understand. Yours truly, Philip

Dear Mr, Mrs,
I'm Mimi from Belgium and saw the movie on tv yesterday evening.
When I was 20 years old I travelled to Greece. Before I worked and saved money for my travel.
After I came back money and possessions were not important to me anymore.
It's courage from him that he followed his dream but he should had a map. I did not had a map either.
Travelling on your own makes you more indepedant, adult.
You also meet people.
When we travelled through Norway for 3 months, more in the nature, I felt the essential of my life. That I don't need anything.
Just like in Greece 20 years ago.
I also experienced that life after death exist. And I'm somebody who is thinking "first see and then believe".
I know everything happens for a reason.
I hope his family know that love is more essential than money and power. This is who we are.
That they learned something of what happened.
They can send their son and brother love and light.
Best regards,

Hey there, I was reading your guide for doing the big hike and especially the river crossing section. You have some really important tips that weren't even detailed in the river crossing safety video provided by the Denali rangers. I did the hike with a friend in June of 2010, and we used that same rope that the Swiss woman was tied to, and met the people who had set it up. There were a few important details that I felt you should add to your article, because I nearly lost my life when I was ignorant to these.
It didn't rain much when I was there, but on the particular day I decided to cross, I could see rain clouds in the south. The river flows north, so this caused a flash flood. When we had been to the bus and got back to the river, about 6 or 7 hours, it had risen nearly 1 foot. We had left our packs on the other side, so we would basically freeze to death if we didn't cross the river that night. Basically I ended up getting trapped in the middle of the river hanging on the rope until the freezing water numbed my body, and I floated powerlessly down the river. A guy from Poland happened to have a camp set up some ways down and plucked me out, gave me food and a fire and saved my life.
I feel like the weather conditions are a pretty important factor, because the river level didn't really drop after that day either, so I'm told by the article about the Swiss woman.
Also, it's never a good call to ditch your pack because you don't want it to get wet, but I guess that's common backpacker knowledge.
And I'm pretty sure it did not help that I only weighed 140 pounds, because later the next day a 200+ pound man crossed the river with no issues.
Oh and look hard for a very very strong stick, or get one beforehand, because there are not a lot of big trees out there. And the river snapped my stick in half when I was in the middle of it, which was not a good time. I also met someone who's metal hiker pole had snapped from the river, could have been a user error though.
So basically I was hoping you could advise that people check the weather, and don't set themselves up for failure, because it's not a hike worth dieing for, like you said. Oh, and the mosquitoes are beyond horrible. You can bathe in citronella, they will still follow you for miles, get under all your clothes and eat you alive. I OCD about bugs, so I spent every second of the hike killing any mosquito that landed on me, and I came out with almost no bites. My buddy, on the other hand, gave up early on the fight against the bugs, and her head had about a quarter inch of swelling after our 3 day excursion. In my opinion, I think my system worked better. Anyhoo, I've gone on quite a tangent.
Thank you for making this quality site, I am sure it will save quite a few souls in the future.

Hello Adam,
I´m Ugleivisson from Brazil and I´m just thankful to found your website about Chris, because I´m writting a graduate thesis about the book and film adaptation "Into the wild" with an ecocritical perspective.
I want to write about how nature can change a character - and in this case, a real one - and you can imagine how important is to a student find materials about what he wants to write about.
When I watched the movie in the first time I really was touched by the story and the images and I realized that it would be the theme from my thesis and my advisor totally suport me. So,I just want to say to you that I really loved the website and I´m sure that it will help me a lot.
Thank you for the fantastic work!!!
Best wishes,
Ugleivisson - a new friend from tho other side of the planet (Brazil)

Hi there,
I am writing as I have been following with great interest the progress of your efforts over the past few months to publish the letters, diaries and photographs of Chris McCandless into one volume. First of all, I would like to thank you greatly for your efforts. I was very excited to hear that the book had finally been completed, and was available to buy, subject to a waiting list.
I am currently writing an undergraduate history dissertation at the University of Stirling, Scotland, generally on the American West, but particularly, with McCandless as a starting point, a lens, if you will, its allure for young men seeking adventure, solitude, something greater than society and all its faults can provide. It will also look at the connection of the actions of figures such as Chris to that old American impulse, the belief that the West can offer something much more fulfilling to the soul. Up until now, I have relied on Jon Krakauer's accomplished book 'Into the Wild', and thus have not been able to focus very heavily on McCandless, due to a lack of access to the primary material. Hance my excitement at the publishing of 'Back to Wild'.
As you can probably appreciate, I am working to a deadline of the 24th March. I have signed up to the waiting list, and was just wondering how long you thought it would take to get a copy. I would greatly appreciate it if I could get hold of a copy in time for my March deadline, and I would be so thankful if some concessions could be made to ensure that? I would be happy to send a copy of my dissertation research proposal which outlines in more detail my intentions, if that would be of help to you.
Thanks again for keeping Chris's memory alive,
Yours faithfully,
Stirling, Scotland

Hello Adam. I want to express you the gratitude for a site about Chris McCandless which you have created. I want to wish you and your family of all most the best and let all your undertakings come to an end with success.
Ivan, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Thank you very much for setting up this wonderful website, I like the complete story of Chris including the book, the movie and of course Eddie Vedders album "Into The Wild" very, very much.
By visiting your web site I learned a lot more about Chris and his adventures and family, also I learned about the band Thirteen senses, very nice music and, yes!!, 'Into The Fire' is a great song and now because of your website connected to Alexander Supertramp for ever.
Please, keep us all updated!
Thanks again
The Netherlands

person's , I was very excited to hear a new book was being released by the McCandless family.
The first time I saw the movie I was so moved. You see Chris's life and mine were Shockley similar. I too lived in an old city bus parked out in the country. though it wasn't isolated like Chris's bus , it too was still a hard life. living on Mac& cheese, no plumbing , no water etc.
My reason's for leaving home "15 years old" were similar too, "abusive parents". not only to me but to themselves.
I'm emailing you in hopes of finding out when the book will be released and where I could find a copy of the complete diary he wrote while on the road.
I have spent hours online researching his life but found very little, only what Hollywood wanted you to know. I have the book "Into the wild ", the movie, and Ron Lamothe's film "the Call of the wild"
I am really looking forward to getting the truth and the facts. thank you ,Ron Griswold perry,NY
P.S. does the McCandless family offer a email address? thanks again ,ron

Hi Adam,
just finishing reading the great page you have on facebook about Christopher. I feel his story
has touched me much like yourself. what an amazing job you have done of keeping the memory.
In July, i have 5 weeks off leave at work, and im heading to the usa. im 32, but have never
made it there yet. i cannot wait. im catching up with long lost friends, and just enjoying the freedom. my highlight
of this trip is im going to make the journey to the bus, i want see to see the beauty Christopher saw. The info
on your webite regarding how to get their is much appreciated.
i have no idea if you live in Alaska etc sorry, but i just wanted to add id be honoured to shout a beer or 2 for your efforts.
Townsville, North queensland, Australia

Hello! My name is Kendyl and i just had a little question. I had been looking for pictures of things Chris had written since this sunday, january 30th, im getting a tattoo of some of the things he had written that really inspired me, and changed my life. I saw a picture on your site of a post card he had written. I was going to copy and print it to give to my tattoo artist as a reference for the handwritting but copy this picture is blocked on the site. I was wondering if theres any way i can get a picture of his handwritting? I only want to use it as a point of referance for my tattoo. I have nothing but the upmost respect for chris and the possesions he left behind.
Thanks for any help you can give!

Gday Adam, My name is Danny and i am an Australian and have been interested in doing the hike from Healy to the “Magic bus” for some time now. I am an experienced hiker and have done many hikes overseas and in Australia. I am a very accomplished and experienced outdoorsman that is always looking for the next big challenge. Ever since i saw the movie into the wild i have been interested in travelling to Alaska and completing the bus hike to not only experience the beauty that is Alaska, but to also pay homage to Chris himself. I saw him as a bold and determined person with very strong beliefs and ideas, and i think we could all learn a lot from his short but full life experiences. I am wondering if you would be able to send me any information that would help me in being as totally prepared for the extreme conditions that i would be facing in Alaska. In particular what would be the best time of the year there to give me the best chance of getting in and out of that area as safely as possible. Any other info wowould also be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance Danny.

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