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This website is designed to give you a complete overview of Christopher McCandless (Alexander Supertramp) and the book/movie 'Into The Wild' that followed his passing. It is a moving story about a young man chasing after his dream and ultimate Alaskan adventure.

The slideshow you see above are pictures that Chris took as well a picture of his belt that he made with Ronald Franz.

For those of you unaware, Chris was a young man that travelled throughout North America living off the barest of essentials and in most cases, off the land. Unfortunately, he paid the ultimate price for this in the end and was found perished in an abandoned Fairbanks City bus on the Stampede Trail in Alaska. His name became famous after Jon Krakaeur wrote an award winning book about his adventures which eventually became a world famous movie by Sean Penn.

After being exposed to this amazing story, I felt compelled to design this website. This website and my endeavors have connected me with the McCandless family. In August 2010, Billie and Walt McCandless sent me some pictures and information about Chris in his early years. You can see them on his Early Years page.

I have also been in contact with Chris's sister Carine. She has submitted a personal letter to the visitors of this site, as have a few of Chris's other siblings. They can be read here. For more information on Carine's work and efforts dedicated to Chris, you can visit her website. Carine has also written a book titled The Wild Truth which has been launched in November 2014.

We have received a paper from Ron Hamilton, a staff member of the Indiana University of Pennsylvania and a published author who has won numerous awards for fiction, nonfiction and poetry. You can read his paper and theory on Chris McCandless' death here.

In addition, recently we have received a paper from Wayne Sheldrake who is also an award winning writer. You can read his paper and theory on Chris McCandless death here.

Here are the three books about Chris and his story. The first is Jon Krakauer's Into the Wild, second is Back To The Wild by Walt and Billie McCandless and the third is The Wild Truth by Carine McCandless. Click on a book cover to read more information about each story.  

Alexander Supertramp


Carine has started an annual fund raising event called the Chris McCandless Memorial Run on Saturday, October 13, 2013.

If you are a student or a member of the forum and you have a lot to say about the story, we can create a page for you on this website with your picture and your thoughts. We have had some great submissions already. Send us an email if you would like your research paper/story also added to the website! Don't forget to leave a message on the forum or on the new facebook group page.

This website is dedicated to Christopher McCandless and his family. If you have a website, please link to us. Please see the Christopher Johnson McCandless Memorial Fund page if you wish to donate to his fund.

*The webmaster of this site has also made a Humans of Kristiansand website and facebook group Humans of Kristiansand inspired by Humans Of New York by Brandon Stanton. Pls share if you like it.*

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Another inspirational character is the famous American Sniper Chris Kyle. On that website you can get all the information you need on another American icon.

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